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Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Traders You Should Trail in 2019

Do you want to become an eminent and buoyant crypto trader? Here is a sorted list of 10 successful crypto traders to keep an eye on and trail in 2019.

Sharpening your skills at a game requires not only dedication but also a role model. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading there is a handful of people who painfully and patiently taught themselves to become successful traders. Here is a list of 10 successful crypto traders you should follow in 2019.

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1. WhalePanda

Whale Panda

Do not let this guy’s name cause you to undermine him, he is the real whale. WhalePanda’s intelligence on cryptocurrencies and the general market and governmental issues that encompass them are second to none, his Twitter account show 130,000+ devotees who can bear witness to.

WhalePanda additionally tracks side activities and technical developments before they hit the more standard radar. Bits of knowledge are conveyed with a decent lot of mind and diversion.

Here is the Twitter account @WhalePanda.

2. Crypto Yoda

Crypto Yoda

Crypto Yoda is a digital currency fan and specialized expertise. Moreover, he lives, eats, rests and inhales crypto. He as of now has more than 50,000 devotees and in light of current circumstances.

Also, he doesn’t peddle coins again and again and consistently presents content pertinent on the crypto world and recent developments. He has a sincere after and furthermore a lovely inside and out WordPress site where he further explains on crypto exchanges and examination.

The Twitter account is @CryptoYoda1338.

3. The Digital Currency Advisor

Altcoin advisory

This previous Wall St. Support investments Manager might be new to Twitter, however, he’s unquestionably not new to exchanging. As an expert merchant at a Top 3 Firm (Retail and Institutional), @AltcoinAdvisory bragged one the best profits for the Street for quite a long time running before abandoning everything to seek after his faith later on uses of blockchain innovation.

With regards to Macro exchanging, Swing Trading, discovering underestimated cryptographic forms of money, and anticipating value developments he’s second to none. He has demonstrated that he will tune in to new thoughts, at times reacting to DM’s from Developers/groups.

He can be found on the Twitter account @AltcoinAdvisory.

4. The Wolf

This expert digital money dealer is referred to just as “The Wolf of Poloniex,” yet his (or her) strong guidance and go get them disposition has fabricated a 55,000+ Twitter following and a network at The Wolf’s exchanging data and counsel site, Wolfopedia.

The Wolf gives watchful portrayal and examination of hazard connected to every assessment to make The Wolf’s investigation as engaging as her (or his) affection for Leonardo DiCaprio images.

The Wolf gives watchful depiction and investigation of hazard connected to every assessment to make The Wolf’s examination as engaging as her (or his) affection for Leonardo DiCaprio images.

Where to discover: @wolfofpoloniex

5. CryptoSqueeze

Crypto Squeeze

We don’t have the foggiest idea about a ton about Crypto Squeeze other than the way that he appeared on our radar after his exact estimates and exchanges grabbed our eye. What we can be sure of is that this Hedge Fund Manager realizes the cryptographic money markets.

He is likewise very talented in Swing Trading and has been distributed in Coin Telegraph, and the Huffington Post among others. This is certainly a record to pursue!

You can get him on the twitter account @cryptoSqueeze

6. Nic Trades

Nic trades

Nic gives examination covering Financial Futures and Foreign Exchange (FX) at ForexAnalytix. Like @AltcoinAdvisory Nic Trades brings advertise learning as a previous/current expert stock/ware/Forex dealer.

Nic is an expert raw petroleum dealer having examined specialized examination for a long time and furthermore functioned as an investigator for a long time. Nic runs a procedure aggregate on Facebook to train a basic pattern following methodology and specialized examination to financial specialists utilizing ongoing live precedents.

The Twitter account is @NicTrades.

7. Eric Choe

Eric Choe

Eric graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics With a Concentration in Econometrics) likewise procuring a Minor in Business. Furthermore, he got a Business Foundations Certificate from the Bauer College of Business amid this time.

Amid his Senior year in college, Eric put in the Top 15% (#1 in Texas) for the CME Group’s yearly exchanging rivalry. His aptitude in exchanging incorporates ware based resources, for example, gold, espresso beans, salt, and corn.

Eric has connected these exchanging methodologies in the digital money markets with progress. Eric is one of the most youthful brokers to make the rundown, however, don’t for a second rebate his capacity.

Give this man a visit via his website or @Twitter

8. Zissou


Screen capture 2018-01-06 09.49.52Zissou is a reference to the principal character of ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (a brilliant Wes Anderson film) Zeus Zissou is an incredible dealer. Zeus is presumably the most major merchant we’ve seen on Twitter.

He doesn’t exchange the news or shills an excessive number of tasks and in particular, he never allows feeling direct an exchange. He has an expansive after and a lot of associations in the network, joined with probably the best long and short calls I’ve seen, Zeus is a flat out must pursue.

You can follow his medium page.

9. Crypto de’ Medici

Crypto de' Medici

Crypto de’ Medici is an extraordinary pursue in light of his philosophical way to deal with contributing. He doesn’t depend entirely on TA and comprehends that the market is to a great extent. Mostly, driven by human conduct which is the thing that I base the vast majority of my exchanges on.

In spite of the fact that I would consider Medici a greater amount of a financial specialist than theorist due to his reasoning, he is extremely valuable to pursue.

Follow him via Twitter on @cryptodemedici.

10. Philakone


This Canadian knows his Crypto. Philakone is knowledgeable in RSI, Elliot Wave flags and scalping exchanging procedures. As a self-depicted “crypto informal investor” Philakone sprung up on our radar in the wake of making some enormous calls that many ideas were silly at the time.

In any case, they ended up being right on the money. They say “he who chuckles last, giggles best..” well Philakone is snickering his way to the bank. This is an incredible pursue and unquestionably one to watch and check whether he can proceed with his past exchanging achievement.

He additionally adores Jennifer Lawrence. In spite of the fact that that doesn’t generally have to do with anything, we referenced already. Fun Fact I surmise if that stimulates your chuckles.

Where to Follow: @Twitter

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