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Top 10 Most Useful Cryptocurrency APIs


Are you willing to develop your own crypto application? Might be you’re a crypto developer, trader, or just a crypto enthusiast, there are APIs available which make your crypto journey much smoother. If you’re thinking to develop a personal trading bot, a payments application, or business settlement solution, these APIs can get help you get started.


1. Coinbase

Coinbase is a Bitcoin Exchange with a very powerful API that has 6 main features that developers can implement in their projects. Developers you use the Coinbase API has the liberty to choose from the Wallet API, Coinbase Connect or Oauth2, wallet Notifications, Merchant Checkouts, Coinbase Exchange API and Toshi.

Toshi is Coinbase open source Bitcoin node. The API also has a micro-transaction system. The API can generate Bitcoin addresses and wallets Buy, Sell, Send and Receive Bitcoin, Retrieve price information, payment notifications and merchant features.


2. Bitpay

Bitpay has a multitude of user base mainly composed of merchants. Moreover, it is integrated into Shopify’s e-commerce platform for easy Bitcoin payments through Bitcoin. The API has the ability to create secure payment requests and get a status invoice. The API is most suitable for developers who need to set up an online store and want to use ready-made Bitcoin checkout system.


3. Coin API

Coin API is an unique platform which combines all virtual exchanges in a single API. It mainly focuses to offer quick and efficient access to the digital currency markets. This API combines 90 different exchange platforms producing 1,636 market data updates each second. There is 31 TB historical market data which is offered on-demand.


4. Kraken

Kraken is among the world’s best and most secure Bitcoin exchanges. Kraken’s API allows developers to get asset info, ticker info, trades, order book, balances, and other various ledger features. The API is suitable for developers who wish to build a currency converter or price ticker.

Users of the API will have access to the rich data bank and statistics for numerous cryptocurrencies. Kraken’s API documentation includes a good amount of API client examples which includes among other C#, C++, Node.JS, Perl, Python.


5. Shrimpy API

One of the most powerful trading APIs in market is the Shrimpy API. They provide real-time full order book data, limit orders, open orders, smart order routing, exchange account management, user management, and a complete cloud infrastructure solution right out of the box. All of these are measured in a single set of APIs working across every exchange.

6. Global Bitcoin Price Index (GBX API)

GBX API is built by, one of the first global price indexes in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The API has no wallet integration and no transaction support. The API is free to up to 5000 monthly API request.

However, there are some paid plans available too. Some of the features of their API include a 1-second refresh rate, exchange rates for more than 165 currencies. There are also daily rates at preferred lock-in time or live rates, historic daily rates dating back to 2010. Moreover, API supports JSON and CSV formats.


7. CoinMarketCap

This is a popular service for tracking the current market cap, price per unit, recent volume, circulating supply and daily fluctuations of more than 1600 different crypto tokens. The API offers a simple and robust tie-in to this service. The API has no wallet integration and does not support transactions.


8. Nexchange

Nexchange offers a very powerful cryptocurrency exchanges API services. The API has a very easy user interface and fast in performance. They also offer a large database of market data to their customers as well. However, the API does have a wallet integration that allows exchanges to access funds. The API has transaction support though basically centered on blockchain pairs rather than cash for crypto.


9. CoinCap API

The CoinCap API provides real-time pricing and market activity for over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. It collects exchange data from thousands of markets for transparent and accurate data on asset price and availability. The API offers insights into which exchanges and markets contribute to CoinCap pricing and includes services for Assets, Rates, Exchanges and more. The CoinCap 2.0 RESTful API is currently in beta.


10. Bitcointy

Bitcointy is an API that provides an average value for bitcoin, based on data from multiple sources. The API also supports other fiat currencies like EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY and CNY among others. Moreover, the API is free with unlimited requests. Some of the additional features of the API is clear data update, direct conversion of the certain amount of bitcoins into any currency, and ability to get conversion rates for all sources or from a single source.



There are thousands of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies APIs out there. We have just listed a few, those that we think qualifies to be on this list. Please do comment with some other APIs that we left out on this list that you think deserved to be covered.You can submit your press release and list ICO to boost brand presence 

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