Top 10s in Crypto Market

Top 10 Funny Questions In The Cryptocurrency Industry Since 2009

After its emergence in 2009, Bitcoin is stirring a lot of anticipation and concern from the entire internet community. Bitcoin true founder is until now hidden though many believe he (they) go by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. This situation and relating issues accompany bitcoin existence led to some very funny questions on the internet.

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10 Funny Questions About Cryptocurrency Since 2009

In this article, we shall share with you some of the top ten funniest questions in the cryptocurrency industry since 2009.

How can I hack the Bitcoin/Ethereum network to get access to other people’s cryptocurrency?

This is the first question that most novice bitcoin users think about. The bitcoin blockchain seems so open can these novices think it should be easy to withdraw funds from an account. However, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are secure using private keys. Once a user exposes their private key, a high risk of losing their funds comes into action. But without the private key, it is impossible to get funds from any cryptocurrency address.

Funny Questions About Cryptocurrency

What will the price of Ethereum be on exactly this date/time?

This is among the most fun questions noob traders ask on Bitcointalk. Although there are tools for price predictions, they cannot be 100 percent accurate. It is impossible to know the controlling price of a commodity by the forces of demand and supply accurately on a future date.

Is Bitcoin/Ethereum a scam?

A Lot of Hyper Investment scams followed the emergence of bitcoin in the subsequent years of 2013 to 2014. Most of these scams accept bitcoin as a payment method promising more than 1000% in returns. This phenomenon impacts a negative image on bitcoin and Ethereum prompting millions of people to date to consider them scams.

Should I sell my House for a cryptocurrency investment opportunity?

Any kind of financial investment carries some amount of risk irrespective of its nature. Investing in cryptocurrency as well carries a lot of risks. Users should do research to learn how to invest before actually putting any real money in the process. It’s a funny and weird idea to sell your home and invest the proceeds in a crypto. Chances are high that you will become homeless. However, for rear instances, such investment might turn into a gold mine.

cryptocurrency questionnaire

Can cryptocurrency help me in getting rich Quick?

Some people think involving in cryptocurrency is an automatic way of getting rich quick. However, that cryptocurrency is just like any other normal currency unless you mined bitcoin in 2009. To get rich you need to put in the hard work and accumulate the rewards.

How can I create a cryptocurrency Better than Bitcoin?

Bitcoin came into existence by a programmer who had a clear vision for his cryptocurrency and so is Ethereum and most of the cryptos out there. To create a better crypto than bitcoin might not be easy but it is possible. Explore all the downsides of bitcoin and Ethereum and patch it in your new cryptocurrency.

Why can’t Bitcoin Price be Fixed?

Bitcoin price keeps on fluctuating sometimes in a very turbulent manner. A lot of investors and users make losses due to this abrupt price movements. The bitcoin algorithm does not allow for a price to get fixes. This is because bitcoin was designed to bypass central governance.

Bitcoin questionnaire

How will bitcoin continue in the year 2140 after all BTCs are Mined?

Anyone who has read a little more on Bitcoin is aware that bitcoin mining will cease in the year 2140. This means no new bitcoin will get produce from that date. It expects the price of bitcoin will increase high enough to keep miners verifying transactions without creating any new bitcoin. Miners’ rewards will come to form the transactions fees users pay.

Why can’t the US government Block Bitcoin?

Another common question arising on the internet I, who don’t the US government close down bitcoin. The US government or any government for that reason cannot close bitcoin since the cryptocurrency is decentralized.

Was Bitcoin Created by the CIA?

No, CIA was not the creator of bitcoin. At least for all of the known facts, we came across regarding bitcoin no tangible CIA linkage exists. Bitcoin believes to be in a role by a financial futurist, a libertarian and a computer programmer regarding as Satoshi Nakamoto.

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