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Top 10 Free ICO Calendar to List Any ICO

The success of an ICO project heavily relies on the amount of publicity it receives. The most economical way of rallying support for an ICO project is through free ICO listing sites.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects face heaps of challenges most vivid among which is inadequate funding.  Here is the list of the top ten free ICO listing sites where your project can get investors’ attention for free.

1. Coinpedia’s ICO listing

Cryptocompare is a world class Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia offering crypto related comprehensive information, News, Events, PR and Bitcoin Event info. The site offers free ICO listing for project developers who wants to get their projects publicized. Coinpedia has more than 30,000 regular monthly visitors most of who are cryptocurrency information seekers including potential investors and enthusiast. The site is ranked at number 109,298 according to CB Rank (Company) global ranking.

2. ICObench


With more than 2 million monthly visitors, ICObench is among the top ICO sites on the internet. The site uses a bot called Benchy to automatically rate listed ICOs. Listing an ICO on this site is free though there are premium options too. There paid option ranges from 1 BTC to about 40 BTC.

3. ICO Rating

ICO Rating

ICO rating does the extra job of measuring ICO success in three factors: Investment, Hype, and Risk in a low/medium/high scale. The site has more than 433,5000 monthly visitors and sits at number 130,565 in the global ranking. Listing an ICO here is free and its also to spot legit ICOs based on their rating system.

4. ICO Alert

ICO Alert

This site has a simple UI that allows users to easily scheme through the different ICOs on the list at a glance. Users can create portfolios to track ICOs and listen to podcasts all for free. The site, however, has a premium offers for those who want the projects to have better visibilities. There currently 272,900 monthly visitors here

5. ICO Watch List

ICO watch list

ICO Watch List provides a detailed guide to investing in ICOs. The site helps investors find the best companies to invest in base on prospects. The site both free and premium options for developers to choose from. Premium users get an option for newsletters, PR, articles, customized banners and more. The site has a staggering 161,600 monthly visitors.

6. ICO Bazaar

ICO Bazar

ICO Bazaar combines a list of ICOs with major Blockchain and cryptocurrency events across the globe. The site has a token sale rating system which scores ICOs based on some six predefined principals. The principals are Project Idea whitepaper, team, media and community, and technical implementation. Listing your ICO project here is free though there are paid options as well. The site has more than 98,800 monthly visitors.

7. ICO Hot List

ICO Hot list

This site list aggregates ICO details with descriptions, videos, links, team members and token sale details. Also, there is a social stats section for a charted view of ICO ranking by different telegram group members, twitter followers, and Alexa rankings. The site offers both free and paid listings. There are more than 91,800 monthly visitors on this site.

8. ICO Tracker

ICO tracker

ICO Tracker has a simplified user interface showing token sale details, ICO info, and links to social media pages, whitepapers, and team members. ICOs that want to list on this site is added to a waiting line. Sometimes the wait might be long. For those who want to speed up the process, there is a donation option to the website. The site has more than 62,900 monthly visitors.

9. Smith & Crown

Smith and crown

This is a Blockchain research organization with sections for crypto news and insights. The site also does research on ICOs plus listing ICOs for free. However getting into their curated list is a little of a struggle. The site has more than 51,800 active monthly visitors and is ranked at number 765,260 on the global scale.

10. CryptoPotato


CryptoPotato combines ICO rating, ICO Listing, News aggregator and much more in one platform. The site has a self-made ICO score for ICO success ratings. The site provides a good content and has a great user interface.

Are you a developer working on a project? Or an investor looking for a great project to put some money on. Look through the lists we provide above and chose any of those sites you won’t be disappointed.

At Coinpedia, we list ICOs including specialized PR articles for a small fee. Let’s discuss this more on Twitter.

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