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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Companies Going Live In 2019

Crypto community is confident that 2019 will be the great year in blockchain history. We're providing you with a detailed guide on Top 10 Cryptocurrency Companies.

Author: Jacob Okonya

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Jacob has been engaged in blockchain technologies, Bitcoin, and fintech. He worked mostly as a blockchain market researcher, fintech journalist, and online forum moderator. Jacob is involved in creating articles and educational content for different project components, explaining how users can utilize the various resources.

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During the year 2018, we witnessed blockchain technology steadily developing to the next stage despite cryptocurrency price decline. The cryptocurrency community is optimistic that 2019 will be the biggest year in blockchain history.

This assertion is based on the development of some very promising blockchain projects. Here we shall the top 10 cryptocurrency companies that are going to launch in 2019.


The cryptocurrency company, Qtum, is an open sourced public blockchain platform, which leverages the security of UTXO along with enabling multiple virtual machines. Basically, Qtum is PoS based and boasts a Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) allowing specific modification in the blockchain settings by making use of smart contracts.

The most significant edge Qtum throws at competitors like Bitcoin and Ethereum, is the development capability in any programming language.

Qtum incorporated SegWit into its system as a default. Basically, this means the platform is compatible with the lightning Network, a multi blockchain side channel aiming to increase transaction speeds. Furthermore, Qtum is already a popular blockchain company signifying the company won’t hit any snag this year as it launches its Qtumx platform.


Tron is a decentralized platform that allows users to host, store and use content while transacting with the TRX tokens. Some people refer to the platform as the decentralized version of the internet, independent of restrictions of major content sharing platforms such as Netflix and Youtube.

Tron took off in 2018 developing at a rather faster pace. The company purchased BitTorrent and launched new projects such as Atlas. These moves earned TRON, a slot on the lists of the most decentralized networks in the world.

Tron’s TRX token facilitates a new era of content sharing where people use tokens for content distribution. The platform aims with content creation and distribution of the main critical design criteria.


According to its website, Aelf is a scalable blockchain platform and decentralized cloud computing network. The main aim of the platform is to increase the volume of transactions which the different blockchain can handle per second. The scalability debate that struck both the bitcoin and the ethereum blockchain presents a major barrier to their mainstream uses.

Aelf uses technology and splits every single node into two clusters and is spread over multiple computers to achieve scalability on the platform. The platform revealed that it succeeded in attaining over 15000 transactions per second and promised to work towards further improvements.


Veridium wants to leverage blockchain technology to create a more sustainable future. The company hosts many projects that are majorly focused on obtaining sustainable solutions for Fortune 500 companies all over the world. Eventually, the company is working alongside IBM to achieve this ambitious goal.

One of the original projects developed, Veridium is a tokenized carbon alleviation solution that introduces liquidity to environmental trading markets. The platform uses a simplified carbon accounting system for enterprise users. Veridium uses a variety of protocols developed by the EcoSmart Labs.


Caspian is a blockchain project that promises users an easy to use UI where users can build their own cryptocurrency fund. The platform makes it easy to allocate assets, audit portfolios, execute orders as well as connect with major exchanges across the globe. Caspian is simply an end-to-end cryptocurrency fund management platform.

The platform recently announced the partnership with Coinbase in a drive to achieve its crypto fund management solution. We expect that this company is becoming a big deal this year with a new list of additional investor management tools on its platform.


Devery is an open-source platform that supports verification of goods and services. The platform aims to remove the need for trust by using unique, verifiable identifiers for products and services that are immutably stored on the blockchain.

The platform allows users to integrate its protocol on their own platform using open source toolsets. Devery is useful to corporations to verify the legitimacy of their products.

The platform could basically become a favorite choice for luxury brands who want to protect their reputation from counterfeits. The platform could allow customers to purchased blockchain verified luxury goods.


As its name states, MediBloc is a blockchain startup company seeking to disrupt existing Healthcare industry. The company aims to do this by improving centralized medical records systems and data management.

MediBloc givers users the right to control their medical data by themselves. The open source decentralized healthcare data platform allows patients to have full ownership of their data. Patients can control access to their private data. It also requires at a new hospital or country.

The company aims to continue developing its services into 2019 by gradually shifting the patient data management back to patients. This approach is likable compared to the existing centralized institutional approach in the health industry at the moment.


Cardstack is a blockchain project that aims to provide the abilities to bundle multiple apps together into one. The platform envisions super decentralized applications built from a variety of other useful applications and working coherently as one application.

On the platform, decentralized applications are represented as Cards which users can drag to create a custom business flow of services. Building the supper apps on Cardstack involves dragging a unique card representing a certain DApp and stacking on top of another in a custom order.

The platform also allows users to choose and pick the blockchain based decentralized apps of their choice. When this project launches out this year users will be able to easily and conveniently developed their own super apps by stacking many other DApps together.


CEEK seek to disrupt the Virtual reality industry using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency tokens. The platform also allows flexible interactions and transactions in the VR space. The company’s existing VR infrastructure includes Virtual venues where users can attend sports events, concerts or higher education classes.

This platform could make it possible for users to live, work and play in the CEEK’s virtual world while conducting real money transactions in cryptocurrency. The company envisions a future where an artist will be able to play a concert for a virtual audience. Hence, the company hopes to sell discounted concert tickets to VR audience.


Icon (ICX) is a blockchain project that aims to create a hub that connects different Blockchains to create one global ecosystem. The platform is powered by the popular loop technology that enables faster transaction speeds. According to experts, Loopchain processes transactions faster than the other Blockchains.

The companies that invested in the ICON project includes Pantera Capital, Coinsilium and Kenetic Capital. The ICON project wants to help the very blockchains already in service to be able to communicate with each other.

One of the most significant advantages of ICON is that eases scalability. Different past generation Blockchain like Bitcoin and Ethereum could be incorporated into ICON to create a new smart economy. The platform uses the LFT consensus algorithm. The cryptocurrency may disrupt e-commerce, hospitals, universities and so on.


The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry will obviously continue to develop creating new sub-industries. In 2019 we do expect much government-funded projects towards blockchain technologies and digital tokens.

Hope you find this article interesting!! Do share your thoughts in our comments section.

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Jacob Okonya

Jacob has been engaged in blockchain technologies, Bitcoin, and fintech. He worked mostly as a blockchain market researcher, fintech journalist, and online forum moderator. Jacob is involved in creating articles and educational content for different project components, explaining how users can utilize the various resources.

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