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Learn About Top 10 Bitcoin Mining Software 2018

Selection of the best Bitcoin mining software always begins with research. Mining Bitcoin can still prove profitable in 2018 just the need is to have a correct setup.


A bitcoin mining software is a software that connects a bitcoin mining device to the bitcoin blockchain. Therefore, without the software, the output of bitcoin mining devices will not reflect on the blockchain. In addition, it updates miner about the completion of mining work by other miners on the bitcoin blockchain.


Top 10 Bitcoin Mining Software 2018

Therefore, let’s take a look at 10 of the top bitcoin mining software in the market.


CGMiner is one of the bitcoin mining software supporting all major operating systems. In addition, the software has features like fan speed regulating the system, remote interface capabilities, and CPU/GPU mining support.


MultiMiner is an easy-to-use bitcoin mining software. Like CGMiner, MultiMiner also supports the majority of the existing computer operating systems. Additionally, the software can effectively remotely control other MultiMiner mining devices.


BFGMiner only supports mining devices like ASICs. It also comes with a fan control and it allows users to carry out dual mining processes simultaneously. However, it comes with a built-in stratum and a network proxy server.


BitMinter is one of those mining software that can connect to a mining pool (i.e. the BitMinter mining pool). In addition, it has an easy-to-use graphic interface that makes it attractive to new miners. Further, BitMiner presently supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.


EasyMiner is a GUI bitcoin mining open software for pooled and solo mining. Moreover, the software integrates with mining devices and illustrate performance charts that are used to assess mining activities.

Awesome Miner

An Awesome Miner is a mining software that allows users to simultaneously monitor multiple mining devices. The software provides a dashboard for users, which helps miners track the temperature and progress of all mining devices connected to it. However, the software is only available in Windows and web version


CCMiner is one of the oldest mining software in the market and it was previously named CudaMiner. The software supports both the Linux and Windows operating system, and NVIDIA GPU users are known to utilize this mining software.


NiceHash is an easy to use mining software which allows miners to use their computers’ CPUs and/or GPUs to mine cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the web-based mining software also offers cloud mining services to its user.


Poclbm-mod is mining open sourced python software for OpenCL (AMD) that supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. Hence, the software has the GUI and CLI version and they both utilize the network protocol for mining cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin miner has an easy-to-navigate user interface and it only supports Windows 8.1 and 10. Other features this software include power saving mode and the rapid share submission functionality.


The aforementioned mining software is some of the top bitcoin mining software in the market. However, miners are advised to research each mining software in order to choose the one that is most suitable for their mining activities.

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