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Top 10 Blockchain Twitter Influencer Accounts

Social media is an incredibly powerful and important tool for creating and distributing vital information. In the cryptocurrency and finance sector, a lot of ICOs have excelled through platforms like twitter and facebook. Blockchain magnificent applications beyond cryptocurrency making it have the best analyst and developers taking up a center stage on its development. Here is a list of the top ten blockchain influencer accounts on Twitter.

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1. Don Tapscott

Twitter Handle: @dtapscott

Don Tapscott

Tapscott is an expert in blockchain technologies and has contributed to the industry through his book, the Blockchain Revolution. He is also the co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute, an organization which helps other organizations adopt blockchain in their business plans. Dan Tapscott had more than 110,00 followers on twitter making him an active blockchain influencer on Twitter.

2. David Marcus

Twitter Handle: @davidmarcus

David Marcus

David Marcus was a former manager of a Facebook messenger, a successful messaging application developed by Facebook. He is also the former president of PayPal and sits on the board at Coinbase. David revealed that he is working on ways that will enable Facebook to leverage blockchain technology in their operations.

3. Ed Featherston

Twitter Handle: @efeatherston

Ed Featherston

Featherston is the Vice President and principal architect at Cloud Technology Partners, a firm specializing in big data analysis, cloud computing and IoT. Moreover, he often provides valuable insights into how blockchain is changing cloud computing technologies and IoT. He gives very important opinions given in many years of experience in designing and implementing complex systems.

4. Laura Shin

Twitter Handle: @laurashin

Laura Shin

Miss. Laura Shin hosts two very popular podcasts (Unchained and Unconfirmed) on the cryptocurrency and blockchain on her channel. She keeps her over 93,000 twitter followers updated with the latest trends in the blockchain space and important news.

5. William Mougayar

Twitter Handle: @wmougayar

William Mougayar

William is the author of the book, The Business Blockchain a book written on the principles of Promis, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology. He is also among the event producers of the Token Summit. He has more than 248,000 followers on Twitter. Also, he does a good job of providing deep knowledge on the business application of blockchain to his followers.

6. Salih Sarikaya

Twitter Handle: @SalihSarikaya

Salih Sarikaya

Sarikaya is the co-founder of, a leading cryptocurrency blog. He is among the global top blockchain journalists today and has more than 698,000 twitter followers. In his twitter feed, he provides the latest analysis of different blockchain projects.

7. Charlie Shrem

Twitter Handle: @CharlieShrem

Charlie Shrem

Charlie is the founder of the Bitcoin He is a very important speaker and writer of anything blockchain related. He has more than 152,000 twitter followers. Meanwhile, regularly attends events associated with blockchain and related applications.

8. Richie Etwaru

Twitter Handle: @RichieEtwaru

Richie Etwaru

Richie Etwaru is the CEO and founder of, an organization aiming to use blockchain to decentralize human rights. He believes the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing can be leveraged to decentralize human rights. He is one of the major speakers of the Blockchain TedTalks. In the show, he breaks down complex concepts in an interesting and simple manner. He is also the author of the book, Blockchain: Trust Companies.

9. Tuur Demeester

Twitter Handle: @TuurDemeester

Tuur Demeester

Demester us an economist and bitcoin investor. Moreover, he tweets about the macroeconomic forces that drive cryptocurrency innovations. He opinion is valued beyond the scope os blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, he writes many articles on Medium about blockchain with some unbiased opinions on blockchain products. He has more than 169,000 twitter followers.

10. Preethi Kasireddy

Twitter Handle: @iam_preethi

Preethi Kasireddy

Kasireddy is a blockchain engineer who provides detailed analysis reports for the consumption of the vibrant blockchain community. She worked for companies like Goldman Sachs and Coinbase as a blockchain engineer. Moreover, she is the founder of the blockchain project TrueStory.

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