Top 10 Forums to Discuss Bitcoin and Other Altcoins

Bitcoin is among the top searched words on Google and other popular search engines on the internet. This is major because of the cryptocurrency’s meteoric rise in December 2017. Cryptocurrency discussion forums are the most reliable sources of vital concept in crypto. In this article, we list the top 10 bitcoin and crypto discussion forums.

1. Bitcointalk


Bitcointalk is believed to be the official bitcoin community forum built by bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto himself. The forum was operational since 2011 and still continues to stand with bitcoin both in good and bad times. Moreover, Bitcointalk is the priority community for almost all the crypto enthusiasts out there. The forum has sections for other altcoins too though much of it is devoted to bitcoin.

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Twitter Handle: @bitcointalk

2. Medium


Medium is a microblogging platform where users can share their thoughts and knowledge on a wide range of topics. The platform emerged to be among the most important bitcoin and cryptocurrency discussion forum. On medium, you can find articles from professional investors or from a crypto newbie. We rank the site to the second most important bitcoin and cryptocurrency discussion forums.

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Twitter Handle: @Medium

3. Quora


Just like, Quora is a general discussion site where users can post questions on different topics. Meanwhile, normally the site readers answer these questions. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain related content constitutes a fair share of the general content on the site.

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Twitter Handle: @Quora

4. Reddit


Reddit is among the highest rated for an on the internet. The site host a variety of questions and answers. There is a dedicated section for bitcoin discussion only as for any other major topic on the site. Thereafter, the question on this site is rated and answers are provided only to upvoted question. Moreover, the questions with downvotes are discarded. The site has more than 867,000 active regular readers currently.

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Twitter Handle: @reddit

5. Cryptocurrencytalk

Cryptocurrency talk

This site is similar to and hosts some of the latest announcements on ICOs, Airdrops, and Altcoins. The forum host a variety of discussions including bitcoin. There are more than 50,000 active users on the platform currently.

Visit Official Forum:

Twitter Handle: @CCT

6. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange initially came into existence for developers only. The crypto community, however, gained much momentum forcing the site to expand. The site has a mechanism for grading answers to the thousands of questions it hosts daily. However, answers with the highest priority have more preference.

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Twitter Handle: @StackExchange

7. LitecoinTalk

Litecoin Talk

Litecointalk is similar to in many functional architectures. The site launched in October 2011 during the early days of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the forum concentrates discussions towards Litecoin development.

Visit Official Forum:

8.Doge Door

Doge door

This site specially handles discussions within the Dogecoin community and is very popular to Dogecoin enthusiasts. The community is very active despite having a relatively small user base in comparison to other crypto communities.

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9. Bitcoin forum

Bitcoin forum

An active forum associated with website. The forum has dedicated sections for bitcoin which features discussions on Bitcoin mining, Development & technical discussion, Bitcoin news, press hits, notable sources, gossips, scandals, Bitcoin projects among others.

There is a section for Altcoins too where the more 2000 daily visitors can talk about altcoins regarding the announcement, projects, mining, tokens, ICOs, and many others.
Visit Official Forum:



Bitcoin cash proponent Roger Ver owns this site. The site has a rather smaller user base of around 21,000 active users. It has a small but dedicated team making it become one of the most likable cryptocurrency fora on the internet. However, direct favoritism of Bitcoin Cash cost the platform a lot in terms of user base. The cryptocurrency community dislikes biased towards a single coin while ditching the others.

Visit Official Forum:

Twitter Handle: @BTCTN

Should you wish to contribute or gain further insight on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain visit any of these sites at any time. Moreover, it is vital to note that not every site that claims to be a cryptocurrency provides correct information. Some forums orchestrate by centric individuals for personal gains in a certain crypto.

Don’t forget to visit for the most unbiased information and cryptocurrency news. Let’s discuss more on Twitter.

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