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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Vloggers You Should Know

Cryptocurrency is barely a decade old technology that has proven to be among some of the most valuable inventions of all time.


Top 10 Cryptocurrency Vloggers To Follow

Just like any other upcoming popular technology cryptocurrency is highly discussed in the media. Here are the top ten youtube video bloggers of cryptocurrency and the link to their channels.


1. Nicholas Merten

Nicholas Merten is the YouTuber behind the popular cryptocurrency channel Data Dash. He had a history in data analysis before becoming a crypto trader. He showcases extreme knowledge and provides what most people call unbiased analysis. Nicholas explains flowcharts for his viewers to make knowledgeable decisions on cryptocurrency choices. He produces up to five videos every week to keep his audience well fed with data live streams and interviews. Currently, the vlogger has 321,786 subscribers.


Boxmining is a Youtube channel started in 2017, run by Michael Gu. He covers a wide range of topics related to the current trends, recent cryptocurrency news as well as dives deep into each piece of information. Currently he holds a total of 192,984 subscribers for his channel. Gu is one of those vloggers who actually attend the crypto events world wide and cover all of this news on his channel.


Crypto Daily is the cryptocurrency youtube channel of fun and sarcasm. Furthermore, the author brings a twist on every cryptocurrency news he narrates. He also provides timestamps for all videos so users can easily skip uninteresting segments. Additionally, he provides some good crypto music videos on youtube. At the time of writing, the Youtube channel had 141,043 subscribers.


Suppoman is one of the charismatic characters in this crypto world. He defines himself as the Crypto Superhero. This Youtube channel has 140,404 subscribers at the time of writing. If you want to learn about the crypto world in a fun way, then this is the best channel.


Another popular crypto vlogger who can make cryptocurrency fun is Doug Polk Crypto. This vlogger has a substantial following of 189,065 subscribers at the time of writing. The beginners in the crypto world will find the best information from this Youtube channel. 


The Crypto investor is one such channel that aims to offer more technical assessment of the market. Although, this youtuber is not so regular on posting content, but the data uploaded is quite helpful in decision making as a cryptocurrency trader, investor and enthusiast. The vlogger resides in the United States and had a total of 136,029 subscribers at the time of writing.


Ivan is a Swedish software developer and an international blockchain speaker. He is very keen on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is given the way he explains their most basic concepts on his youtube channel. Moreover, Ivan published an ebook on his website which he urges his audience to download. At the time of writing, the vlogger has 207,770 subscribers.


Coin Mastery is all about crypto trading. Currently, the channel has 121,748 subscribers as it provides daily updates on cryptocurrency markets and various other cryptocurrency trends.


Crypt0 is an Ethereum miner, Bitcoin enthusiast, and stock investor. In his daily videos, he provides cryptocurrency news analysis and summary of the industry. He is one of the consistent cryptocurrency Youtuber online. Currently, this channels owns up to 120,543 subscribers.


This channel is one of the fastest growing channels which currently has 151,508 subscribers. The Modern Investor aims to help cryptocurrency investors to turn a profit. This channel is a basic tool for understanding investing basics mainly for beginners in cryptocurrency.

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