Top 10s in Crypto Market

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Vloggers You Should Know

Cryptocurrency is barely a decade old technology that has proven to be among some of the most valuable inventions of all time.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Vloggers To Follow

Just like any other upcoming popular technology cryptocurrency is highly discussed in the media. Here are the top ten youtube video bloggers of cryptocurrency and the link to their channels.

1. Nicholas Merten

Nicholas Merten is the YouTuber behind the popular cryptocurrency channel Data Dash. He had a history in data analysis before becoming a crypto trader. He showcases extreme knowledge and provides what most people call unbiased analysis. Nicholas explains flowcharts for his viewers to make knowledgeable decisions on cryptocurrency choices. He produces up to five videos every week to keep his audience well fed with data live streams and interviews.

2. Lark Davis

Lark Davis is the face behind the youtube channel Crypto Lark. Also, he provides great insight into different Altcoins, crypto mining, and interviews. He does price prediction and analysis for different cryptocurrencies occasionally.

best bitcoin youtube channel


Crypto Daily is the cryptocurrency youtube channel of fun and sarcasm. Furthermore, the author brings a twist on every cryptocurrency news he narrates. He also provides timestamps for all videos so users can easily skip uninteresting segments. Additionally, he provides some good crypto music videos are on youtube.


First of all, this channel is run by a tutor on Udemy given the amount of advertising he gives to his Udemy course. Moreover, the author analyses cryptocurrency news and provides simple ways for new users to get started on crypto.

Video bloggers

5. Matthew Beasley

He is the host of the popular youtube channel crypto news providing daily shows from Monday to Friday. The channel was originally created to help people invest in Ripple during the early days of Ribble boom. However, the channel now covers interactive interviews where he gives his audience full access to his guests.


Chris Dunn spent the last 8 years on youtube as a content creator. He now focuses on cryptocurrency news and analysis. Also, he provides clear and concise information in a professional manner. He strives to teach people new skills so they can have new income earning avenues.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Vloggers


Ivan is a Swedish software developer and an international blockchain speaker. He is very keen on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is given the way he explains their most basic concepts on his youtube channel. Moreover, Ivan published an ebook on his website which he urges his audience to download.


Moreover, this YouTuber documents his cryptocurrency trading journey. His content is good for cryptocurrency enthusiast who wants inspiration on crypto trading. Additionally, he teaches his strategy of risking it all in his crypto trading videos.

top cryptocurrency youtube channels


Crypt0 is an Ethereum miner, Bitcoin enthusiast, and stock investor. In his daily videos, he provides cryptocurrency news analysis and summary of the industry.


CryptoSpark has spent more than 5 years in cryptocurrencies and has a background in finance. He came across cryptocurrencies while searching for various decentralized ledgers and secured payment gateways. Moreover, he talks about crypto mining, ICO, trading and all other lots of cryptocurrency franchises.

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