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Index Global raises $2 billion for Startups

The entire global economy is in disarray due to the rampage of the novel coronavirus yet, Index Ventures, a popular venture capital startup firm has announced that it has raised a whopping $2 billion to fund startups. This is quite a commendable feat and it is a pointer to how confident investors are in the startup. 


According to reports, the venture capital firm will distribute the funds among different startups to help keep them afloat, especially in this period of global economic meltdown. Index ventures aim to be a pillar to upcoming innovators, helping them usher in the next generation of disruptive technologies and innovations. A huge dream seeing as many schools of thought believes the current global pandemic situation is sure to change many aspects of the world as we know it today, as well as birth a lot of great ideas and innovations.

Speaking on the funding, the venture capital firm disclosed that, “it is heart-warming to see so many business founders responding swiftly to the crisis on their doorstep and committing support to others”. Adding that even more interesting is the fact that this commitment is happening in uncertain times like this.

Index Global further added that “As we navigate these choppy waters, we are witnessing the emergence of a new generation of exceptional leaders”. People who lead not by doing the right thing for their businesses alone but by inspiring loyalty in customers, colleagues amongst others.  

Post COVID-19 will usher in new innovations

With this funding, startups with innovations that could offer respite during and post COVID-19 epidemic now stand a chance to obtain much-needed funds to make their ideas a reality.

The venture capitalist firm, Index Global is known for working with companies and entrepreneurs from any sector and at any stage. Whether startups in their early or late stages. 

The VC firm also disclosed that “Over several decades, we have been lucky to see the entrepreneurial spirit of gifted leaders shining through in good times and prior crises”. Adding that as we adjust to the realities of the ongoing pandemic, we continue to count “on their leadership and inspiration”. 

In a statement, the VC firm disclosed that history has shown over time that adversity is the mother of innovation, so we remain confident that locating and funding worthy startups will be important to the speedy recovery of the world socially, economically, financially etc post COVID-19. Adding that “We are proud to have raised $2bn in new funds to support this next generation of entrepreneurs”.

Speaking on the funding, Index Ventures disclosed that it understands how challenging it is to run a startup and ensure it metamorphoses into a successful company. With this in mind, it pledges that it will keep providing startups irrespective of their stages with much-needed support especially financially. As this will go a long way in ensuring their continued existence and eventual success.

The success of the startups and entrepreneurs subsequently results in the success of the VC firm. Ensuring the continued fundings for “research organizations, universities, medical institutes and pension funds that comprise our investor base.”

Index Global raises $2 billion for Startups
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Index Global raises $2 billion for Startups
Index Ventures, a popular venture capital startup firm has announced that it has raised a whopping $2 billion to fund startups.
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