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    Aug 2, 2022


    According to CoinMarketCap, there are over 20,300 cryptocurrencies in existence, not to mention the different ICOs that happen worldwide every week. This proves how easy and cheap creating a cryptocurrency is. With thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market that are all volatile in nature, investing in one of them would probably feel like a gamble. Unless you come across a cryptocurrency that holds real purpose

    With just the right amount of research, you can stumble upon a hundred cryptocurrencies that have great potential and promising use cases. One of them is LYO Credit (LYO) , the native token of LYOPAY. As of July 2022, its value hovers around $1.48. How can this price increase in the near future? Let’s jump in. 

    LYOPAY Ecosystem 

    A token or cryptocurrency’s value is glued to the purpose of the project. LYO is the utility token of LYOPAY, an ecosystem of products and services that are payable with cryptocurrency. Inside the platform are tools that allow you to use crypto if you want to go shopping, pay for your flight, accept crypto payments, stake, trade, and much more. Here are some services in the ecosystem that you can take advantage of. 

    1. LYOTRADE 

    LYOTRADE is a centralized crypto exchange that offers various types of trading such as spot trading, P2P trading, margin trading, futures contract, and OTC trading. You can also stake LYO Credit tokens where you can gain up to 36% interest per year. It features SWAP DEX where you can swap LYO with other cryptocurrencies anonymously. Another feature is the LYOSWAP BOT where you can easily trade using Telegram’s chatbot. 

    Moreover, LYOTRADE allows you to buy and sell LYO Credit tokens with card and wire transfer. 


    LYOTRAVEL is a digital travel company based in Dubai that accept crypto payments for flight booking, hotel reservations, and car rentals. Apart from its user-friendly interface and budget-friendly prices, one customer-favorite feature it offers is it allows you to pay your total bill using multiple wallets. This is perfect for group travels in which the total amount can be divided into the number of attendees and can be paid using their respective wallets. 


    LYOMERCHANT is a crypto payment gateway that allows users, particularly merchants, to accept payments in crypto on their online and offline stores and websites. Moreover, it supports over 50 cryptocurrencies and offers minimal transaction fees. Its non-custodial feature lets you have complete control over your funds. These features that will help merchants and business owners alike to seamlessly accept fiat money and cryptocurrencies are certainly going to expand their customer base.  

    Is LYO Credit Worth It? 

    Investing in LYO Credit is worth it for the long haul. Just by analyzing the way where LYOPAY is heading and the benefits it offers to people and businesses around the world, it is no question that LYO Credit is going to be an asset. The LYOPAY ecosystem is continuously expanding and its services are constantly upgrading to cater your needs. Once you enter the LYOPAY ecosystem and use its cutting-edge crypto tools, you will not feel the need to find other service providers. 

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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