Slotie NFT’s Roadway To Reach 3 ETH Floor Price In 2 Months.

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    • Slotie NFT’ is launching its mint presale and public sale on 7 Dec 
    • Slotie has successfully completed its 1st Quarter at service and its been a Big thing 
    • Slotie NFT has gathered  community of NFT lover and Online gambling enhisiats
    • The NFT token is expected bid high with ongoing holding volume and community interest

    Starting in Oct 2021, Slotie NFT has been shifting gears very quickly and has created hype among NFT and Gambling lovers in no time. 

    The platform could be said to be the most hyped NFT project of December 2021. Also, it is worth noticing its social presence. It is among the most followed discord community of 111,000 users and still counting. 

    A Blockchain gambling platform with 1000 NFT’s minted on the ERC-71 network to prove the ownership.

    Interestingly, the owners of these NFTs automatically become shareholders of 150 Casinos or the Slot machines used to play Online Gambling. 

    The Slotie NFT holders earn incentives every time the games on the platform is played, the distributions clearly depend on the volume of NFT were held. 

    On Holding NFT , the holders get rewards called WATTS tokens, which are said to be the energy units of the Slote NFT platform. Further, these Watts can be effectively Swapped with ETH. 

    Slotie NFT is having its minting Private sale and minting public sale on 7th December. 

    The Roadway to 3 ETH price 

    If you are active crypto or NFT user you must be very familiar with the name Slotie NFT. It’s been around the market in hype for a few months now. 

    The Project is currently running its Private sale and Public sale for 0.08 ETH and 0.16 ETH respectively. 

    There are multiple possible reasons to achieve the 3 ETH Goal

    • The Increasing popularity of project 
    • The Project was featured by top sites like Bloomberg, coinpedia, Yahoo Finance, Investing.com, Nasdaq, Bitcoinist and NewsBTC
    • Increasing Popularity of Slotie NFT;s 
    • Promising NFT designs and Impressive technical approach. 

    Among all the above reasons, NFT holders’ rewards , is the major kickoff for the users to hold the tokens in order to receive passive income. 

    It’s Worth giving it a try ! You will love it 

    The Idea of getting started with NFT is good, finding a perfect platform is a task. To make it easy for you all there is Slotie NFT, a limited version Gambling project with simplified NFT on passive income. 

    The holding of NFTs in the long run can bring a grear value and its expected to see a mark of 3 ETH in 2 months. 

    You can Join the presale here : https://www.slotie.com/

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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