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How To Make Money Trading Crypto

Written by: Coinpedia

June 10, 2022

Today, many Australian people are thinking about finding sources of additional income. Those who are interested in this issue can, for example, earn on cryptocurrency trading. We tell you how to start this activity and what you need for this.

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Cryptocurrency trading is the procedure when you earn on the difference in asset prices. In other words, you need to purchase coins cheaper and sell them more expensively.

First of all, it is important to learn the essence of trading on the cryptocurrency exchange platform and other nuances of the assets used. For example, the Timex Australia platform trades a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and here, you can withdraw money directly to the bank account.

Before we start our guide, let us reveal the advantages, namely:

  • Everyone can learn and start crypto trading.
  • You can begin earning with a small amount of capital.
  • There are many ways to start making money. You can select the appropriate option.

As for the cons, to get a good income, you have to study a lot and also keep in mind the possible risks.

Six Ways to Earn Trading Crypto

How can you operate on the exchange? There are numerous ways, but we are going to discuss the most popular ones and those that are suitable for different situations and experiences.

Using the latest news

This type is based on the data about the dynamics of the rate of digital assets.

Its pros are the following:

  • One can earn on it during the day.
  • It is possible to work on several cryptocurrencies at the same time.

As for the cons, they include:

  • You have to keep up with the news.
  • To work, a good understanding of the features of the crypto market is needed.

Technical analysis

Cryptocurrency can be analyzed according to charts. That is helpful in identifying promising moments to purchase or sell assets. In addition, for the members of the crypto community who want to understand how to trade, it will not be superfluous to learn the fundamental analysis.


  • Deals can be planned in advance.
  • You can automate the work process due to the functionality of the exchange.

However, to earn a lot on such trading, you need to learn and keep in mind that crypto trading signals can be interrupted by the release of important news.

Utilizing FOMO and panic sales

If you are interested in trading rarely but aptly, earnings on FOMO and panic sales are suitable. In this case, it is advisable to wait for active movement and enter into an advantageous position.

Pros are as follows:

  • Working through the analysis of the psychology of the market rarely misfires.
  • One can earn a lot due to profitable entry into the market.

But there are drawbacks:

  • Moments of profitable entry into the market do not happen so often.
  • It is difficult to plan work.

Trade derivatives

If you are excited about cryptocurrency exchange but do not have a desire to work directly with coins, derivatives are a solution for you. These are financial instruments based on digital assets. For Bitcoin, they are known as futures.

There are the advantages:

  • You can earn without buying coins directly.
  • The workflow can be automated due to the functionality of the exchange.

However, you need to have a good understanding of the features of derivatives.

Earn on the difference in the rate of platforms

This method is also often referred to as arbitrage trading. You need to register on several digital asset exchanges and replenish their balances in cryptocurrency. At the moment when there is a significant difference between the exchange rate of the same currency, you need to purchase a cheaper option and sell a higher one.

The benefits are as follows:

  • The method can bring a regular income.
  • No special knowledge is required to get started.

However, there are some drawbacks as well:

  • It is hard to earn a lot.
  • It takes a lot of capital to get started.

Combination of several methods

This option is clear from its name – you need to combine all the knowledge to get the maximum profit. For example, a trader drew attention to the release of positive news, which could provoke an increase in the rate. Utilizing the technical analysis, he predicted a possible peak in the value of the item. Thus, the trader was able to extract the maximum benefit from the situation.

The pros are the following:

  • Less risk of losing funds.
  • All cryptocurrencies may be involved.

But to make money in this way, you need special knowledge.

Among the ways available on the market to make money this way, everyone can find a suitable option for themselves. At the same time, the more techniques the user knows, the more chances one has to reach a decent income.


Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: info@coinpedia.org

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