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Discover LYOPAY – a Super App with Several Services Incorporated

Written by: Coinpedia

May 10, 2022

Diving into the cryptocurrency world can be overwhelming, especially because of the multitude of services and the difficulty of choosing between them. LYOPAY is a Super App that integrates many day-to-day services, such as payments, e-commerce, travel booking, and more.

By incorporating several services also issued by third parties, LYOPAY falls into the category of super apps. Why is a super app like LYOPAY suitable for you? Because it has a super-friendly interface, with no more complicated functions. And even if you are not a newcomer, these aspects will make your investment journey much more convenient.

Let’s discover LYOPAY step by step and its incorporated services!

Who is LYOPAY?

LYOPAY is a cloud-based system that combines services from various financial partners in several countries into a single super app, allowing for faster worldwide expansion. With a single login, users may access a wide range of services and features.

The LYOPAY app includes:

  • Basic payment services as well as professional trading
  • Travel booking
  • A launchpad page
  • Other features that will be described further down in this article.

About the platform


Payment services, especially crypto, can be challenging to use at first. This is because cryptocurrency exchanges have many pages and functions that are not necessary for all customers.

Yet, the LYOPAY app and its desktop interface are simple: even when services only used by a portion of customers are integrated.

On LYOPAY are 20 cryptocurrencies available now, with 150 trade pairs. Also, you can benefit from cold wallet storage and a physical and virtual card.

Invest with LYO Credit

LYOPAY is an expert at combining its services. Another thing to keep in mind is that the platform has its token that is integrated into the LYOPAY ecosystem. – LYO Credit token.

LYO Credit, or simply LYO, is the LYO ecosystem’s utility token that can be used for staking, e-commerce, trading, card payments, and more.

LYO Credit tokens may be used to pay commissions and build a platform community through cash rewards. 

The Binance Smart Chain system, which Binance powers, provides the foundation for LYO Credit. The BSC-20 smart contract allows BSC to facilitate LYOPAY Ecosystem (LYO) transactions and keep track of credit balances in accounts.

What are the advantages of BSC-20? For implementations like the LYO Ecosystem, using the basic and easy-to-understand BSC-20 standard avoids the difficulty of having to study and comprehend different forms of blockchains.

The BSC-20 standard improves the liquidity of other BSC-20 tokens while lowering the risk of contracts being broken. BSC-20 is also a set of technology and protocol standards that everyone may utilize. As a result, it is generally accepted and particularly reliable.

Reasons for using LYO Credit Token

Trading the LYO Credit token might give you lots of advantages. You can lock a minimum of 50 LYO to 100,000 LYO on the exchange and receive a variable return on investment with only a few clicks. Furthermore, staking rewards on LYO are processed every last day of the month after the pool closes.

You can lock a minimum of 50 LYO to 100,000 LYO on the exchange and receive a variable return on investment with only a few clicks. Furthermore, staking incentives on LYO are completed after the pool ends on the month’s final day.

LYO Credit Staking Reward

  • Lock 3

month: 0.5% per month

  • Lock 6

months: 1% per month

  • Lock 12

months: 1.5% per month

  • Lock 24

months: 3% per month

The LYO Credit token can also be used to book flight tickets on LYOTRAVEL. As said in the beginning, LYO wants to offer various products because they want to make the investment experience unique and profitable. 

How does LYOTRAVEL work? Unlike the usual method of purchasing airline tickets, the token aims to fill the void with new payment options. Consequently, travelers enjoy a hassle-free flight ticket purchase experience with LYO Credit, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and others.

Ending note

Keep in mind only the applications that offer complete and secure services. All details about LYO products can be found on the official LYOPAY website. You can hear the latest updates by connecting with LYO on social media, Twitter, Telegram or Instagram


Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: info@coinpedia.org

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