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Smart Contract for Business

Smart Contracts are protocols that self-execute using blockchain technology. As market players see it from a broader perspective, blockchain apps are on the rise. The potential of building smart contracts includes induced substantial performance, transparency and cost savings in core operations. With the most powerful and dynamic distributed ledger technologies, we help businesses develop secure enterprise solutions.

We can develop custom Smart Contracts for you as per your business requirements. It can be on Ethereum, or any other decentralized technology if that particular technology stack suits your requirements. We, at Coinpedia, make sure that the new contracts are created, defined, and implemented, as per the latest token standards.

Smart Contract Development Services

Coinpeidia offers wide-range development of contracts as listed below.


Smart Contracts Design and development

We support customized development of features according to your project requirement and industry standard UI design.


Smart Contracts Audit

We promise to deliver a Bug free and secure software deployment into your environment, this is done over a strong Audit Phase.


Smart Contracts Optimization

Our Super-Optimisation tools help to effectively reduce the GAS cost. Our experimental results are very promising with an average of 45% of optimized blocks.


Smart contract for DApp

We Build Blockchain or DLT( Decentralized Ledger Technology ) applications on bitcoin Corda, Ethereum, Hashgraph, and Hyperledger.


Digital Wallet and Dex Development

We can help you Design and Develop wallets to store and execute any digital asset securely. Sophisticated decentralized exchange development services are also provided.

 Smart Contract Deployment & Upgradation

Smart Contract Deployment & Upgradation

Deploying the Beta smart contracts into the main network after several A/B Testing, and upgrading the working functionalities

DLT ( Decentralized Ledger Technology ) is everywhere today.

Transport & Logistics
Supply chain

Why Choose Coinpedia for Smart Contract Development?

Automated Monitoring

Automated Monitoring

With our computerised analysis of complex term structures, we can construct automated payment structures into structured contracts that can be exchanged at low transaction costs.

Flexible Modeling

Flexible Modeling

Our contracts can be 100% modified, enabling the customer to add new functionality as time passes. In addition , in case of any emergency situations, the clients may respond quickly. Through our clean separation of data and logic, it is possible.

Reliable Architecture

Reliable Architecture

Our competent developers of smart contracts eliminate the difficulty of designing, maintaining and executing smart contracts on any compatible blockchain and create digital agreements for each transaction that are easily understood and enforceable.

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