What If Ripple Loses Against The SEC? This Is How XRP Price Will React!


The prolonging legal battle between Ripple and the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. Results in an increase in speculations over the outcome of the judgement. Investors and traders from the XRP community hold growing concerns over their XRP holdings.


Consecutively, crypto enthusiasts and the founder of Crypto Law U.S mentions the possible outcome from the judgement. If the prevailing judgement turns in support of the U.S SEC. The outcome which masses from the industry has been contemplating. On the contrary, whale accumulations of XRP take place in a short span, leaving enthusiasts curious.

This Is What Happens if XRP Has to Windup!

John Deaton enlightens that, If the U.S SEC wins its claim over its allegations against Ripple. The SEC would be in a common enterprise with all the XRP holders. If all the XRP is burnt, it could be the best buying opportunity in the space. About 47 billion XRP is in circulation, and the XRP ledger is open-source with hundreds of developers.

The trajectory of the price could move in any which ways. It might surge, following an increase in buyers seizing the opportunity. Owing to the fundamentals of the protocol.  And the other possible motion is holders liquidating the assets following sentimental values.

However, the price movements would not impact the available amount of XRP at the instant. It would however reduce the amount of XRP. That otherwise would have been introduced to the market over the long term, which would do less harm in the long term.

Whale Accumulations Of XRP Spikes!

Crypto enthusiast mentions that $140 million worth of XRP has moved between wallets. While someone purchases 14 million coins. In addition, two anonymous wallets have been transferred more than $70 million worth of XRP amongst each other. 

He further enlightens that another transaction transfers a little over $70 million worth of XRP. In addition, another wallet buys $15.7 million worth of XRP and almost instantly transfers fresh funds to the private wallet address. The transactions are in a short span, which has left enthusiasts curious. It also hints at the interest of big-money players on XRP.

Collectively, the possibility of the SEC outperforming Ripple remains unlikely. As Ripple holds strong evidence against the latter. The crypto community uniting in support of Ripple is crucial, as allegations against other assets lies under the realm of possibilities. 

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