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2 Attorneys, 2 Different Approaches! Xrp vs SEC Settlement Is Nowhere Near Says James Filan!


According to James K. Filan, an attorney with ties to the XRP community, he takes a different perspective to the SEC and the recent Ripple settlement news. Despite the fact that he claims that this is pure speculation, he feels that a settlement will not be reached anytime soon. 

The settlement news has gone viral on Twitter and the internet, and there are rumors that William Hinman’s deposition on July 27th never happened. Filan, on the other hand, believes that the deposition took place on July 27th because Ripple would not pass up such an opportunity.

According to him, Ripple said Hinman has,

 “unique first-hand knowledge about the SEC’s communications with third parties and about the agency’s adoption or approval of his well-publicized speech in 2018 about the regulatory treatment of cryptocurrencies.”

He believes that Ripple could have received information about what the SEC said to market participants during the much-anticipated deposition on July 27th, which is key to Howey, the aiding and abetting accusation, and the fair notice defense. 

His perspective on the current situation is that Ripple obtained the names of the persons Hinman and others spoke with and what they said, and now Ripple is interviewing those people. 

Ripple is looking for clarity, and they’re going to get it. He feels that a settlement will not be reached anytime soon and refers to the situation as a war with the purpose of cleaning up the debris and moving forward.

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Jeremy Hogan Hints Towards a Settlement!

Jeremy Hogan claims that There could be a slew of other reasons, but unless something is filed by Friday, his “best guess” is that a settlement is on the way. Although only time will tell how the ongoing SEC lawsuit may turn out.

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