Payment Protocol Ripple Making an Investment in Mintable!

NFTs offer a wide range of applications, including entertainment, fine arts, sports, and a variety of other fields. The NFT craze is sweeping the nation, and it’s given artists new opportunities. 

While Ethereum is the preferred platform for minting and storing NFTs, competitors are attempting to catch up, with Ripple being the most recent example.

Ripple has invested in Mintable’s $13 million financings round. Mintable also intends to link with Ripple’s XRP Ledger, which offers minimal transaction costs and low energy consumption for artists looking to sell their work. 

The inclusion of XRPL into Mintable will provide the platform a substantial advantage, since XRPL will make the marketplace suitable for Creators, allowing them to securely and sustainably develop, sell, and resell NFTs.

Mintable intends to interface with the XRPL in order to enable creators to sell their works in a secure, long-term, and efficient manner. This is also true for people who want to buy and resell NFTs. Ripple’s blockchain-based ledger, XRPL, will be integrated into the network, making the marketplace considerably more efficient and sustainable.

The NFT sector, like much of the crypto business in general, is still in its infancy, but Ripple and others’ recent initiatives to compete with Ethereum as registers of record are worth keeping an eye on. 

Despite the fact that XRP is now being sued, the alt season of 2021 has seen a significant increase in its value. Obviously, it was one of the most affected coins following the crash, but the lawsuit is taking its toll on the project because it is taking so long. 

But we all know that won’t last forever, and after the legal fights are finished, XRP has a lot of room to develop. It has one of the best and most modern networks in the world.

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