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XRP Price To Explode In Next 24 Hours, Will It Smash The $2 Mark?


    With the recent update in the Ripple-SEC case, the XRP price could be majorly impacted and follow a massive uptrend

    Huge predictions roll out for the asset which forecasts a possibility of recovering the previous losses and form new higher highs

The most recent update from the Ripple vs SEC case appears to have given a wider push to the XRP price, as it broke the downtrend for a while. No doubt the price is still swinging within a narrow range, yet manifest the possibilities of a huge rally. However, the probability of a double-digit XRP price surfaces the water.

The recent hearing also was a closed one like the previous one, without any recordings permitted without the court’s consent. And hence assuming the hearing could have gone in the favour of Ripple, then a good opportunity for a price rise is on the corner. Also if the market sentiments regarding the case are neutral, yet the price could propel high.

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One of the popular analysts DonAlt stated whether the case settles or wins, XRP price is going to mega pump. However, only if Ripple losses the case, which is unlikely to happen, the price could fall into bearish divergence. However, the founder of Gokhstein Media and an XRP proponent David Gokhstein believes in the XRP community. 

Currently, the XRP price has broken its downtrend and is all set to propel high. The next plan of action for the price may be to hit the immediate resistance levels at $1.3 and sustain above these levels without rejection. And hence the path towards the strong resistance zone in between $1.63 and $1.73 will be clear. 


As the most dominant crypto Bitcoin is maintaining a sideways trend, many altcoins including Ethereum could intensify their rally. And hence XRP price may also build an extreme bullish momentum to range above $2. However, the actual target lies above $5 and with an extended rally, the price could also hit a double-digit. 

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