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XRP Price In Last 10 Days, How My Wallet Reflected The Trend?


    XRP price in the past week showcased an immense potential to hit higher highs, yet failed to near $1

    The upcoming rally could highly be impacted by the ongoing Ripple vs SEC lawsuit as any clear update may carry XRP to the moon

Somewhere in mid-July, bought 170 XRP worth $100 with an average price of $0.5926. The price was bottoming hard and I wanted to extract the ‘buy at dip’ opportunity. The deal seemed to be profitable as the price quickly jumped above $0.6 to reach $0.625 in the next couple of hours. However, the XRP price dropped hard to find new bottoms for the next 2 days. 

My $100 had slashed to $86.7 and was left with cold feet. Despite being panic-stricken, I opted to just be calm. As an outcome, the price began to recover step-by-step and surpassed $0.6. And the day arrived when a huge green hourly dildo pumped my wallet and my confidence too. Yet another but a larger than before appeared and rallied the price above $0.7 and I was on cloud nine. With a profit of $24 should I had to close my holdings then? Probably Not!

The XRP price became highly speculative as the Ripple vs SEC case surfaced the waters as the latest hearing was on the cards. The hearing of the Ex-SEC executive William Hinman’s deposition remained behind misty clouds. And with no clear reports of the hearing as it was within closed doors, XRP price is also swinging within narrow ranges.

What Can We Expect With XRP Price In Next 10 Days?

These 10 days of holding XRP was a bitter yet buttery experience. And hence looking at the charts trying to figure out the probable upcoming price movements. Luckily, the price despite consolidation in the past 24 hours, kept ranging around the resistance levels around $0.73. Despite a slight pullback mainly due to the Binance FUD, the price remained above $0.72 levels. 

xrpdailychart (1)

As you can see, the price kept trending above the middle Bollinger band since it gained bullish momentum on 21st July. And the buying volume has also accelerated than selling in the past couple of days. The RSI also trends in the upper ranges with the MACD reflecting more green signals than red. 

Hence considering all these factors, the XRP price could retest the immediate resistance at $0.73. And once achieved, the next levels could be within the range of $0.93 to $0.95 and eventually surpass $1. The bullish momentum could gear up with the clarity in the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit. Else yet another free fall may drag to the support levels for the third time at $0.5186.

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