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Top Crypto Gainers: UMA Leads 26.57%, COMP 23%, REN 18%


We can now conveniently say that $11,500 bitcoin has (maybe temporarily) become a thing of the past. The top cryptocurrency, which lost a most valuable tag to a top competitor, YFI struggled in the past weeks to surpass the $11,500 price level and finally succeeded yesterday. Striding towards $12,000, bitcoin is now looking to overcome the major resistance that lies in the area.

In the meanwhile, Ethereum blockchain, which houses many Defi tokens, is making a bit of a wave in the space. Its native coin, Ether (ETH) which retains the recognition of the top smart contract cryptocurrency has successfully broken the price opposition at $400. As of now, ETH is changing hands at $445 while further upside seems to be very much likely.

Today, Defi coins excelled gallantly. As our top gainers’ list features newcomers like UMA and COMP, we also noticed great traction coming from relatively more controversial cryptos like TRX.

Top Gainers

#1. UMA (UMA 26.57% Gain):

UMA Price chart

UMA managed to rise up the charts and ranks over the past many weeks. Now conveniently trending above the $22 price level, the crypto is now ranked 22nd by market capitalization according to Coingecko.

UMA retains about 78% market optimism and as its market cap touches $1.2 billion. In the meanwhile, the coin gained almost 30% in 24 hours as its exchange volume strides towards $100 million approximately.

Technical Points

  • Price breaks key resistance at $22
  • The next key resistance lies at $25
  • Next level of support seems minor at $22.16

#2. Compound (COMP 22.98% Gain):

comp trading

COMP secures the next spot on this list with roughly 23% 24-hour gain.

Although with alternate ups and downs, we see COMP growing against its USD pair progressively. Eventually, the 32nd crypto by market capitalization was able to stick the landing at $265 as the bulls charged upwards for further profits.

Market sentiment remains bullish as roughly 80% believe there is more bullish move inbound.

Technical Points

  • Prices broke major resistance at $260
  • Next key support level lies at $235
  • Next major resistance waits at $270

#3. REN (REN 18.08% Gain):

ren trading

REN comes in with 18% 24-hour gain today. 

The cryptocurrency experienced major price swings during the day. It began its journey at $0.46 and geared up considerably to around $0.52 by mid-day. Into the evening however, prices had returned to their starting point but a brisk resurrection occurred. This pushed prices back to the upper region and climaxed at $0.56. 

Prices have since stabilized towards $0.53 while markets remain positive at 92%. 

Technical points

  • Next level of major resistance at $0.60
  • Next level of major support at $0.50
  • Minor support builds at $0.54 which causes a pump beyond $0.56 before the end of the trading day.

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