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This Popular CNBC Hosts Bids On Solana Than Ethereum!


    With the growing popularity of Solana, some tend to flip their assets into SOL in order to gain huge profits

    The move despite being highly speculative yet is very early to say whether SOL is slowly dominating the market conditions

Solana gained immense traders attention with a gigantic surge of more than 120% in a very short time frame. Due to the upgrades on its blockchain, the SOL price was uplifted to a greater extent. Moreover, the price is expected to hit a 3-digit figure soon which could have generated immense curiosity among the traders. 


Subjected to the predictions in the market on SOL price, some big minds thought of flipping their assets into Solana. One of the popular CNBC Host, Ran Neuner, says he would convert all the Ethereum he holds into Solana.

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The host received pretty much positive replies citing having similar thoughts among most of the trader’s in the crypto space. As many believe the SOL price which resides at its ATH, could pull another leg up to smash a 3-digit figure soon. While the other chuck of traders say they have already converted their ETH holdings into other assets like ADA.

Collectively, Solana is looked to as a very tough competitor for the Ethereum platform as they offer comparatively low fees with faster transactions. And hence this might have triggered the CNBC host to flip all his ETH into SOL. However, this cannot define the superiority of the asset as both have their own features and applications.

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