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SOL Price Plunging, DOT Falling Alongside, Will BNB Follow the Suit?


    Price of SOL seen climbing up the curve, above the $30 mark.

    DOT price to plunge deeply. Failing to sustain the bulls, falls near $24.

    BNB price movements seen linear, steady at $380 to drop in coming hours

SOL price drops, fails bull accumulation

Solana price has been highly wavering the past few days and was not seen maintained in a specific range. Closing May, the price was moving between $27 and $28. However, the price hike with the commencement of June and the range shifted higher at $29 to $32. Yet, the bears started to take the suit and SOL is now towards a downtrend.

SOL price

At the time of typing, the SOL price is seen at $31.7, which says the price is dipping. In the early hours, the price was seen surging from $30.5 to 32.2. But failing to retain the motion, Solana flipped into a bearish action. Resuming the movement, Solana price is expected to plunge profoundly near $31 in the coming hours. Yet, if the price succeeds it can soar towards the $33 mark.

Technical specifications 

  • The resistance value is $32.16
  • The support value is $ 31.84
  • The indicators point out dull sell signal

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Polkadot, a familiar cryptocurrency currently, weakened as it poorly retained the surging that happened in the last days. Previously, the price dipped severely and fell near $19. Subsequently, Polkadot soared in no time and reached $23. When it was approaching a new yearly high, the price collapsed and got chucked into the bearish trend currently.

DOT price


At the time of writing, DOT price knocked over and was seen at $24.1629. Contrastly in the early hours DOT was lifting from a plunge that happened yesterday. That is, from a decline near $22, the price began raising to $24.4. But unexpectedly the trends reversed and is now moving down the curve. Keeping on this motion, DOT may tumble anywhere near $23 in the coming hours. But there are also chances to recoup with the setbacks and soar, once again towards the new ATH.

Technical specifications 

  • The resistance value is $ 24.4
  • The support value is $ 23.8
  • The indicators point out mild selling pressure

BNB price sailing in a line, down or up?

The Binance network, holding an important fraction of the cryptocurrency and exchange market, is now seeing it’s price collapse incapable of touching a high, currently. The price is now sailing linearly at $383.. For the past few days, Binance price was seen in a narrow range of $345 and $360. Aiming to skyrocket, the price hiked, earlier today but the bulls didn’t rally along. 

BNB price

At the time of typing, BNB price is seen at $384.5, moving in an unbent trend. In the earlier hours, the price surged greatly from $360 to $385.6. However, the uptrend has now ceased. With bulls and bears in hand, there are equal chances of a downtrend or uptrend. However, if the current trend continues, the Binance price may trip near $380 and fall beyond. If not, it might move up the line near $390 lately today.

Technical specifications 

  • The resistance value is $384.79
  • The support value is $ 378.52
  • The indicators point out a sell signal
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