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Shiba Inu Price Approaching $0.0001, Will It Make It Or Gets Rejected Again?


    Shiba Inu price gains a huge bullish momentum and propels high gaining nearly 25% of the price

    The set target at $0.00001 seems to be achievable anytime from now, yet the question remains around its sustainability above these levels

Shiba Inu price remains one of the hottest topics ever since it rallied notably in the recent past. Despite withstanding numerous crash, the price still maintained its bullish momentum and marched towards the north. A similar rebound is witnessed at the press time, where the SHIB price flew high without any hurdles.

Initially, the target was set around $0.00000876 and speculated that if the price stood strong above $0.00000750, the target would have reached. But the current jump escorted the price above $0.0000923, fixed some higher targets to reach. 

One of the SHIB proponent and analyst, SHIB Holder, quickly revised the target above $0.00001 and $0.000011. Therefore despite certain pullbacks, the price could still be in the race, and continue with the bull run.

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Shiba Inu Price Analysis

Shiba Inu price trended within the falling wedge since the beginning of the current trading month. It visited the lowest ever levels in recent times at $0.0000055 showcasing a possibility of getting rugged. Yet the price flipped all the speculations and bounced through the critical levels.


The price since the last couple of days was rising slowly yet steadily and managed to range above $0.00000720. However, a mammoth rally surged the price with a huge influx of volume in a just couple of minutes.

The price jumped from $0.000000722 to $0.000000986 within just a few minutes and later experienced a slight pullback. At the time of writing, the SHIB price is $0.000009202 with a huge jump of 31.04% compared to the last trading day.

Technical Specifications

  • The resistance levels are at $0.00001063
  • The support levels are at $0.00000679
  • Indicators are currently neutral and can flip towards a buy signal soon

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