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SHIB Price Slashed, Will THETA and DOGE Price to Mimic a Similar Trend?


    Price of SHIB began to drop once again down on the lane when it started pumping up

    THETA price slumps down the graph after losing the momentum to rally further

    DOGE price is seen pulling out some bears and may stumble further, seen near $0.32

Downcast Movement On Board for SHIB Price

The Shiba Inu price movements were sluggish for the last week. It was seen cruising between $0.00000750 and $0.0000080. In the due course, the price even dipped beyond $0.0000075. However, it managed to pull up and surged slowly from there. Yet, the motion remained highly wavering. Currently SHIB has deviated from the uptrend that happened lately today and is falling.

shiba aa

At the time of typing, the SHIB price is seen at $0.00000867. In the early hours the price started to escalate and reach up to $0.0000092. It was highly expected that the price would rally beyond and reach $0.00001. However, SHIB failed to meet this and started slumping. If this trend keeps up the price will start to dip and enter into its previous range. But if the setbacks are overcome, the SHIB price will once again approach a new high.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 0.00000859
  • The support value is $0.00000942
  • The indicators point out a good buy signal.

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Theta Price To Enter A Bearish Trap

THETA which runs on a decentralised blockchain has been seeing quite some challenges with its price movements in the last few days. In this movement, the price collapsed deeply and fell near $6. Subsequently, the trends reversed, climbing up the curve near $7 and beyond. But THETA failed to approach further and is currently seen to be dipping.

theta aa

At the time of writing, the THETA price is seen striding at $7.58, pulling off some bears for itself. However, contradictory to this in the early hours the price started soaring from $6.8 to $7.4 and sailed near $7.49. Further, it surged to near $7.52 but unexpectedly started dropping from there. If THETA fails to speed up the uptrend movement, it may further plunge to $7 and below. On the flip side, if it recouped it would reach the $8 mark shortly.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 7.6
  • The support value is $7.01
  • The indicators point towards a mild buying pressure.

Doge Price Collapsing, Failed To Sustain Bears

Dogecoin, a valuable altcoin has the bears online and seen stammering with the price movements. The downturn has been on board since the Market crash for Dogecoin price. In the last few days, the price trends were adverse and a fall at $0.29 is notable for Dogecoin. However, it began thriving and approached a new high. But unexpectedly it was pulled down and is currently moving the bearish way.

doge aa

At the time of typing, the DOGE price is seen at $0.322. However, in the early hours Dogecoin put in enough effort and made the price rally from $0.31 to $0.34. Not sooner did it try surging further, the trends reversed for the coin. Sticking to this, Dogecoin may slump further and be seen moving near $0.31 in the coming hours. Conversely if the momentum gets back on line, it may begin surging and reach $0.33.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 0.326
  • The support value is $0.317
  • The indicators point out a buy signal.
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