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Cardano Price Primed for Massive Rally Towards $10, but Is This a Good Time to Buy ADA


Cardano’s incredible rally continues, with the cryptocurrency hitting a new ATH of $2.95 in the last 24 hours. In addition, the value of the stock has increased by 136 percent in the last month.

It recently re-reached its previous all-time high of $2.50. Strong resistance prevented ADA from rising higher rights after. However, on Sunday it surged 12% and hit the $2.70 level.

The bullish trend continued today too, as it soared from $2.77 to a new ATH of $2.95. However, at the time of writing it has corrected back to $2.77 down by 2.6% in the last 24 hours.

Also, There’s a lot of euphoria surrounding Cardano’s smart contract launch in the market. As ADA witnessed a great rally, Cardano enthusiasts on Twitter have made ADA to $100 predictions. 

However, analyst Micheal Van De Poppe in a tweet said, these hyper bullish predictions only show FOMO in the market. 

ADA Price can hit $10!

Popular Analyst Micheal Van De Poppe in a recent YouTube Video predicted the next levels for ADA. He says, in this run, the token can be expected to hit $3.35. Further, $5 will be the level to watch. For a medium-term bullish level, he predicts ADA can surely hit $10 in the peak high of the current bull cycle.

Should you buy an ADA now?

Looking at ADA’s rally, many traders and investors are wondering if this is a good time to buy the token.

Analyst Van De Poppe spoke about when would be the best time to buy ADA in the above video. He points out that the price chart of ADA clearly shows how after every vertical rise a significant correction occurs. Hence, he says, waiting for the levels to hit downwards is the better option now.

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