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HOGE Finance and Meme Price: Altcoins Breakout as Fundamentals Turn Bullish


The global cryptocurrency market offers an effective platform for the emerging and the new established currencies. As the market is vast and volatile, many currencies are listed everyday.


HOGE and MEME are the new entrants in the market among the listed currencies.

HOGE obtained over 130% impulse in the past 24 hours and MEME gained above 30% over the last 24 hours. The other altcoins like RING, STMX, HARD have also achieved up to 30% momentum in the last 24 hours.

HOGE Price Analysis

HOGE made its existence in the crypto market on 15 February 2021 with an exchange value of $0.000001. As the new entrant in the market it failed to get recognized and continued to trade at the same price range. Later the currency incited upwards and dramatically hit the $0.0003 mark in March. 

HOGE currently enduring the bullish run as it achieved over 140% impulse in the last 24 hours and also registered a new all-time high by spiking to $0.0004 on 12 March. Before the price boosting to $0.0004, HOGE exchanging at $0.0001. 

What Triggered the Sudden Surge?

The Dogecoin of the DeFi world and the deflationary currency facilitates many features such as auto staking and yield farming. One of the main causes for the price boost might be the announcement made by BKEX regarding the listing of Hoge Finance. 

Other reasons might be the diclosement of the amount of HOGE holders by the community and thanking the users and investors for supporting and investing in the Hoge Finance.

At a press time, the HOGE price is $0.0004009 with a 24 hours trading volume of $31,835,215. It is up 145.10% in the last 24 hours and the current coinmarketcap rank is #2320.

MEME Price Analysis

MEME entered the crypto sphere with a consistently low price of $17.63 on August 16 2020. Significantly, the currency hit $190 within a few days of trade and started to vary after. Dramatically, the coin spiked to $1614.77 by September as it was recognized by the marketers and further declined to $369.44 by December to end the year 2020.

 Effectively, MEME established control over the bulls as the price drastically surged to $3600 mark in the last 24 hours with above 30% momentum. The MEME traded at the $2000 mark before the massive price rally.

MEME is the non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain. The community’s announcement regarding the minting and selling of 100 Xenofile might be the cause for the sudden price surge.

At a press time, MEME price is $3638.95 with a 24 hour trading volume of $29,077,030. It is up 35.93% in the last 24 hours. The market capitalization is $101,810,834 and the current coinmarketcap rank is #308.

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