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Dogecoin Price Close 70 Cents, Will the Whales Allow Rally To Hit $1?


    Dogecoin price rallies more than 50% for the second consecutive day, showcasing a strong tendency to smash $1 very soon

    The price is an inch close to hit the milestone at $1, yet some of the barriers may haunt the rally.

Whales Might Cash Out Before $1!

The dogecoin price had a spectacular rally since the beginning of 2021. The price after a pretty long consolidation pulled a leg up and rallied more than 50% to close the daily trade above $0.5. However the price resumed its bull run since the early time of trade and accumulated more than 25% gains. 

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No doubt the entire crypto space believes the price may hit the milestone at $1 any moment in the coming 24 hours, yet some look at a possible dump. A popular analyst and co-founder of, Rager predicts $1 DOGE price is programmed. 

The analyst believes that many whales have held the asset for a very long time and hence they might liquidate their profits before $1. As the early investors influxed a huge amount and waited patiently to uplift the asset from just a meme to a reality. 

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DOGE Price May Flip BNB, Is ETH The Next Target?

With the historical journey from $0.008 to the current levels around $0.69, the market capitalization touched the skies. After entering the top 10 cryptocurrency list from nowhere, the asset maintained within the top 20 despite some dumps. However, after the mammoth rally, the asset flipped the Tether & XRP market cap, and Binance Coin is on the cards.

However, as the DOGE price smashes the $1 milestone, Dogecoin is expected to become the 3rd largest cryptocurrency. Interestingly, if the rally continues towards the next milestone, the possibility of the asset securing the second spot, flipping Ethereum cannot be ruled out. 

Collectively, the dogecoin price rally as predicted by the analyst may even flip Ethereum after attaining certain levels. Moreover, the price focus currently for the DOGE price is to stand strong if it rallies close $1. And continue the rally post $1 smashing all the hurdles. 

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