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Crypto Market Rebounds – BTC, XRP, ETH, BCH Price Analysis

After a large spell of a downtrend, the crypto market seems to be holding ground for the last 24hrs. The cryptos have bounced back remarkably since the same time the previous day. Let us analyze how each crypto – BTC, XRP, ETH, BCH- is affected.

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The leading crypto Bitcoin has surged by 8 % after reaching its lowest at $6500 in the last 6 months. As of writing, BTC is trading at $7,126.78 USD with a 6.5% surge. Although the crypto has fallen down by 0.11% in the last 1 hour, the crypto is still faring better than most days this week. But BTC is down by 1.6% since last week.


The second most crypto as per market cap, Ethereum is trading 3.6% higher for the last 24 hrs after falling to $20, lowest since March 2019. Currently, ETH/USD is at $127.70. But, ETH is faring low against BTC. ETH/BTC is at 0.01790405 BTC, 3% lower in the last 24hrs. Though ETH is up as of writing, the weekly report shows Ethereum down by 12% margin.


When it comes to XRP, the crypto is making slow but steady progress. XRP is up against USD by 0.56% in the last 1 hour and 1.4% in 24 hrs. Trading at $0.189073 USD, XRP still has to overcome a 15% loss since last week.


There is no much difference in Tether price. The crypto is trying to break the limits. Though the crypto is down by 0.26% in the last 1 hour, the 7-day loss of USDT is negligible with 0.12% compared to its successors in the list. As of writing, USDT is trading at $1 USD

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash, or the new Bitcoin (as it is popularly known) is not much behind Bitcoin in its circulating supply nos. But, there is a huge difference in both prices. BCH is trading at $186.99 with a 4.7% surge. But, the 7-day report shows a 10% loss since last week.

The crypto market is seeing lows and ups this December. What do you think about this analysis? Will the overall crypto market breakout the bear zone? Share your views on Facebook and Twitter pages.

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