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Huge Crypto Bonanza Sale, What Assets Will You Buy At The Dip?


    The crypto space for the third consecutive time is offering the assets at huge discounted prices

    Most of the cryptocurrency’s price slashed heavily to mark ‘A huge crypto bonanza sale of 2021

    Many believe this is one time opportunity, yet the other bunch of people believe many more are yet to come

Know What Stronger Hands Accumulated At The Dip

The crypto space becomes extremely furious at some time which is followed by a ‘blood-bath’ on the streets. The most dominant crypto Bitcoin, initiates the dump and most of the assets just follow the suit. 

A similar instance occurred in the  early trading hours where almost all crypto assets crashed heavily with an average of 15% to 18% each. Many weak hands just let their assets go, so that the institutions and the whales accumulate more at the dip. 

On the other hand, while the common retail traders are most negatively impacted, the big hands are busy buying at the dip. A popular analyst, Jason A Williams bought more than 11 BTC and also put up a huge bitcoin purchase. 

Another popular analyst, Lark Davis also bought more Bitcoin at the dip. Lark also said the institutions and whales will try their level best to accumulate as much as possible in this dip moment. 

What Will You Buy At The Dip?

2020, was seen as the year of mass adoption where-in the beginners and new traders stepped into the space. Hence made the crypto space more competitive and promising. Bitcoin is usually a common choice, which is bought at each dip. 

Other than BTC, Polygon(MATIC), which single handedly uplifted crypto space for some time may be a strong move. Ethereum has lost nearly 20% from previous day gains and hence a strong rebound may be expected. 

XRP also can be considered as it pumps each time some new updates fly out from the courtroom. On the contrary, Dogecoin, appears like it is not interested reaching its ATH and is happy in the levels it’s trading. As it is struggling to maintain above $0.5 each time it surpasses.

Collectively, the prime focus currently is, Will Elon Musk take the benefit of the sale and shoot up the price with the blink of an eye?

Surprised!! But yes he can. If the price can slash down more than 20%, it can also jump more with rounds of some positive move. However, the entire crypto space, is on a huge sale and one can enter at the right time to earn profits. 

So what will you buy at the dip??

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