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Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Consolidate While Altcoins Fly High! Is AltSeason Resumed?


The Bitcoin and Ethereum price was stuck up in a region and was unable to pierce through the resistance levels. As the much-awaited London Hard Fork went live, BTC price & ETH price are heading towards their respective upper resistance levels. However, after a significant rally, both the assets appear to have lessened their pace of-let. 


Bitcoin Price Trending On Vital Levels

Bitcoin price from the past couple of days is swinging around the major resistance levels at $46,000. Despite a significant dip of close to $44700, the price yet again rose above these levels and attempting hard to sustain. 


The most important thing currently for the Bitcoin price is to surge high and record a daily close above these resistance levels. In order to smash $50,000, the price requires to breach the upper resistance levels is around $48,000. However, a slight pullback could appear but the Golden Cross may provide the rally with the needed boost. 

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Ethereum Price Moves Ahead Step By Step

Ethereum price rallied like a giant to surpass $3000 levels as the EIP 1559 upgrade went live. Despite the high gas fees continue to prevail, the asset sustained above $3200 comfortably. After 3 long months of slaughter, the price picked up a bullish trend from nearly a month to head towards its ATH.

The price despite the remarkable rally yet requires another round of boost to smash the higher resistance levels. Currently, the price is trending around $3220 at the press time, however another 10% to hit the strong resistance zones above $3600. And hence the path towards forming a new ATH could become pretty clear. As the ETH price sprung up, many altcoins followed recording a double-digit gain. 

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Has The AltSeason 2021 Resumed?

The present-day trade pointed out towards the possible Altseason 2.0 of 2021 as most of the altcoins surge high. The highest gainer among the altcoins is IoTeX (IOTX) which had a giant rally of nearly 285.69% since the last trading day. The IOTX price rallied from just $0.02 to as high as $0.123. However, with another Dogecoin type rally, is another DOGE entered the market?

The other altcoins that followed a massive uptrend are Axie Infinity priced at $69.09 with a jump of 27.93%. Polygon (MATIC) price at $1.34 with a surge of 17.63%, Holo(HOT) price at $0.01121 with 24.24% at the press time. Most of the altcoins are painted in green and hence pointing towards the Altseason 2021. 

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