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Analyst Predicts XRP Price To Hit $20-$30, Is Lawsuit Settlement & Relisting On The Cards?


    XRP price gained immense bullish momentum to pierce through the descending trend line and jumped above $1.2.

    While the majority of the analysts are expecting the highs at $10-$12, yet some hope the price to hit somewhere in between $20-$30

XRP price amazed the crypto space with a notable flip from the bearish trap and rebounded well before visiting the strong support levels. With the current pace, the price is expected to hit new highs with a double-digit figure. Moreover, some analysts believe the price may surge with a large margin. And hence, the possibility of a settlement in the Ripple & SEC case and the relisting of the asset surface the water.


One of the popular analysts predicts higher levels for the XRP price somewhere around $20 to $30. Credible Crypto in his video lays down the most bullish XRP price prediction which led to the possibilities of clearing the barriers within the XRP price rally. 

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One of the users also pointed out the same and asked whether the price rally will be fueled following the settlement in the Ripple SEC case. Or the relisitng on Coinbase will lead to such high figures. The analyst replied that could happen but was not necessary. Moreover, the analyst also speculates a notable dump for the Bitcoin price sliding downwards until $40K or even $30K. 

Collectively, the crypto space after the steep crash seems to undergo a stable recovery, eliminating huge pumps and dumps. And hence XRP price could also undergo a similar path, being independent of the SEC lawsuit or the exchange relisiting. 

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