XAN Token Becomes Decentralized Way to Buy Xanthohumol Commodity

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Sep 16, 2021


Xanto, a company based out of Poland in Europe, is the world’s producer of the largest and cleanest Xanthohumol.

What is Xanthohumol? 

Xanthohumol is an excellent antioxidant extracted naturally from hop cones. It is widely researched for its benefits that include but are not limited to antioxidants (1), anti-inflammatory (2), depression (3), and Alzheimer’s (4) to just name a few. This explains its high price and availability in the market. Therefore XAN plays an important role in the  Xanthohumol market. This is because people can use XAN to buy it. 

XAN Token

Xan is a TRC20 Token on a robust Tron Blockchain, owing to its low fees and higher efficiency potential. Now, if you want to be a XAN token buyer make sure you have a TRX address, the easiest way to grab them though is to set them up on the website. 

Buyers of Xan tokens can simply sell them off as per market value or More importantly, people can exchange the XAN token for Xanthohumol, a product of XANTO.  As a result, this makes this product more accessible around the world. 

Currently, people can purchase the XAN token as it is in the presale phase in anticipation of the full launch. As we note,  interested investors can buy the tokens right away at attractive launch prices over the 24 week period.  To participate in the presale, you must complete the XAN Token Purchase Form and the  KYC verification process. 

Once you have done that, the XAN team will send you an email with payment requirements and other details. With that, you can buy the token. Remember you will need a TRX Wallet address.

According to the CEO XAN, Mr. Tomasz Tokarski,  the premiere token launch will take place on 15 September 2021,  as scheduled.  The launch price of the token, XAN, is $2. 

According to the roadmap, the price of the XAN token is expected to grow significantly over the next few months. Every week is expected to increase the price by an average of $0.21 and reach a target price of $7 over 24 weeks. 

Hence, the greatest beneficiaries are those who purchase the XAN token during the presale period or soon after the launch, say within the first few weeks to take advantage of the early buy-in price of the XAN token. 

Exchanging XAN Tokens For Xanthohumol

It is an attractive offer to exchanging XAN tokens for Xanthohumol as this makes this important product easily accessible.  Furthermore, the tokenomics applied for exchange allow you to get the Xanthohumol at a far lower price than buying over the counter. 

For example, if you were to buy Xanthohumol from one of the biggest chemical solutions players, you would be paying approximately 70 USD for 1mg of Xanthohumol with a 3 week delivery time. Now when you compare this with Xanto, you will be receiving right at your doorstep, the highest and purest form of Xanthohumol at 10% of the price of Sigma Aldrich, which is approximately 7 USDT/XAN. Rings a bell? Saves you money, time and enriches the Xanthohumol’s worth too. 

Now that you already have the XAN tokens, how do you exchange them for Xanthohumol? 

Simple, it can either happen through a Classic Forward Contract-where both the payment and the delivery will take place on the contract settlement date.

Or through a Prepaid Forward Contract-where, the payment is made in advance at the moment of conclusion, and the goods are delivered in accordance with the contract terms. Helping the buyer get a discount up to 30% on the price of the Classic Forward Contract. 

With both contracts, the parties agree on the price on the day they make an agreement. So for classic forward, the parties determine the price on the contract settlement date, while for prepaid contracts, the market determines the price on the contract conclusion day.

XAN delivers financial freedom to you, allowing you to get any amount of Xanthohumol with your XAN tokens. Also, once the premiere token launch is live, you can buy the XAN tokens easily on your Tronlink wallet. 

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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