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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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DALLAS, TX – Organizers of the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference (which took place in Dallas in February) and the up-coming Future Tech Expo in September are hosting a cryptocurrency- and technology-themed Easter egg hunt. It will officially kick off this Easter Sunday. Prizes on offer include an Amazon Echo Dot, a Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet, a complimentary VIP ticket upgrade to the Future Tech Expo in September, and – of course – $500 of cryptocurrency.

This $500 of cryptocurrency has been specially selecting by Richard Jacobs, who is the author of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain: Surprising Insights from 200+ Podcast Interviews of Industry Insiders and organizer of the above conferences.

These specific cryptocurrencies have been hand-selecting because, according to Mr. Jacobs’s analysis, they are posing to explode within the next year. In other words, if the lucky winner of the Easter egg hunt doesn’t cash in their chips, so to speak, they could be worth considerably more this time next year. (If they were to see the same kind of action that Bitcoin saw in 2017, they would be worth $5,830 in twelve months. However, if they followed Ethereum’s trajectory, they would be worth $38,311.)

Everybody who successfully completes the Easter egg hunt – i.e. they reach the end of the trial of clues. Before midnight will be entering into a raffle and could win this cryptocurrency windfall. There are also prizes for a first, second, and third place. Therefore, more importantly, their family will have bucket loads of fun too.

“In my family, we always do an Easter egg hunt every year”, said Mr. Jacobs. “If you have kids too, maybe they’d love spending a few hours traipsing over the Internet looking for clues and solving riddles related to cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and future tech. It could give you a few hours of peace and provide them with a sneaky crypto and future tech education – courtesy of their savvy investor parents.”

Here’s how to enter the Future Tech Crypto Easter Egg Hunt:

  1. Purchase a ticket to the Future Tech Expo – the next generation cryptocurrency, blockchain, and future tech conference that’s taking place in September, where more than 100 industry insiders will be coming together to give you the inside scoop on opportunities that are currently “off limits” to the Average Joe investor. (The usual ticket price is $897. If you get yours before midnight on Good Friday, it costs just $597. Plus, you also get a limited-edition Crypto Easter Bonus Box.)
  2. Wait for your Crypto Easter Bonus Box to arrive. Inside that box, along with other goodies – including a bag of chocolate Bitcoins for your kids (or you). The envelope that is seal containing the first clue you to start the crypto Easter egg hunt. (HINT: it’s a URL and password.)
  3. The Future Tech Crypto Easter Egg Hunt kicks off on Easter Sunday at 10:00 am Eastern. Follow the instructions in the seal envelope to get started.

Ready to purchase a ticket and take part in this Easter egg hunt? Tickets are available here:

Want to find out more about this conference? Join the free notification list over here:

Press contact:

Richard Jacobs

[email protected]

(888) 448-4590

About the Future Tech Expo:

The “blockchain revolution” is no longer just about blockchain anymore. In 2018-19 and beyond, blockchain tech is converging with quantum computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and other emerging technologies. However, driving what economists call the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

The Future Tech Expo is the only conference that gives attendees that how “smart money” is betting on the fourth industrial revolution. That’s because it is bringing together more than 100 of the most respected developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and “smart money” investors. Thus from all the most important emerging technology fields – not just blockchain tech.

This three-day conference will be held at the Dallas Convention Center, close to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, in September. We are expecting more than 5,000 attendees, 100 headline speakers, and 150 exhibitors – with talks from founders, developers, and early-stage investors in the blockchain, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, cybersecurity, and other emerging technologies that are set to disrupt almost every sector of the global economy.

Note: This press release is for an informational purpose only. Coinpedia is not responsible for the accuracy of the content provided in the article. Thereby, readers are advised to consider company’s policy & T&C before making any investment.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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