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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    The crypto market has had a persistent appeal to investors for years now, mainly because of its inclusivity, flexibility, and decentralized system. This has made many crypto exchange coins move and bubble with the tides and a crowd rushing towards what would soon become the next big thing in the market.

    While the crypto market is still taking baby steps and living the dream of developers and finance hosts, another rocket has joined the show, reeling in millions of dollars in less than one month of its presale. This coin is referred to as Toon Finance, or TFT.

    What is Toon Finance?

    Toon Finance is a new meme coin swiftly blowing through the crypto arena like a volcano, even with the tendency to surpass the highly celebrated Dogecoin. Mimicking the Dogecoin, it is an exceptionally unique coin with a brigade of world-class benefits and full-blown crypto and NFT Benefits.

    The high potential of this new meme coin has made it a constant story, washing through tons of media outlets across the globe. With the attention it has garnered for the past few weeks, it has brought hope into the minds of millions of investors and crypto enthusiasts, making it one of the most sold-out coins during the presale.

    You must agree that the markets have been quite dry lately, putting a lull to the usual jabbers in the crypto world. This slumber has made the introduction of this coin a resounding tune in the ears of investors.

    The response to this coin is thanks to the masterminds behind it, who have razor-sharp skills and artistic, innovative ideas to keep investors glued at all times. Suffice it to say, Toon Finance is the hottest meme coin in the city today, especially since they are already building a new DEX platform with mind-blowing features for all meme coin and Ethereum lovers out there.

    Toon Finance Protocol is a decentralized exchange application platform created by a team of blockchain developers and market leaders to address the externality that surrounds the need for P2E gaming by providing a P2E metaverse protected by SHA256 encryption.

    The first presale for this coin was held a few weeks ago, and it was a huge success, with about 3 million dollars sold within the first week of the presale. The second phase of the presale is currently live, and you may want to hop on that very quickly before it sells out. You can join this sale live on the Toon Finance website and learn more about this fast-growing community.

    What’s All the Hype About Toon Finance?

    As of now, Toon Finance is one of the top-searched cryptos on CoinMarketCap, and isn’t it amazing that it is already listed on this platform despite being a newcomer to the community?

    You must be wondering just how this coin has become the raving anthem in the mouths of investors and enthusiasts alike. One would think it would remain the runt of this civilization at at least for a couple of years because it soars.

    Well, the main reason for this rapid growth spurt lies in the growth potential and all-around support embedded in this currency. Even though the presale was only just launched on October 10th of this year, investors have flocked towards it without hesitation, causing the boom to continue in an upward progression every day.

    The Toon Finance ICO shows how the idea could potentially expand once it launches formally in January of next year. Toon Finances revolutionary objective is to redefine what decentralized finance actually means.

    Toon Finance has produced several easily understood documents outlining how its as-yet- unreleased platform would enable it to unify all DeFi capabilities under one roof. After generating headlines and creating a stir in the investing industry, Toon Finance has received a ton of support from its community.

    All of this has led to crypto market participants who are still undecided about investing in Toon Finance continually looking for TFT on CMC. Toon Finance is one of the top 3 pre-sale projects that have drawn the most attention, according to the official CoinMarketCap Twitter, which publishes a weekly list of the altcoins that are most frequently searched. This indicates that Toon Finance has received more attention from the crypto community compared to any other long- running large-cap, mid-cap, or even small-cap crypto.

    This is a big win and a sign of the public’s interest in a project like Toon Finance, which is still in the early stages of the presale.

    Toon Finance Meme Coin: What Are the Perks? Anything Special?

    At this point, you may be absolutely confused about what the rave is all about. After all, it’s just a meme coin. Hold that thought though, Dogecoin is also one, and it has so far raked in 37,000% returns in less than a decade.

    Now, TFT is more than Dogecoin. The intricate structures surrounding it have given it room to sprout so rapidly that even its potential is pretty unquestionable. So what’s all the rage about?

    Maybe it’s time to turn the question around. The question you should be asking is why shouldn’t there be?”

    The questions revolving around this coin are indeed valid, but not quite surprising. Looking at the intricacies, however, you would discover that the TFT ecosystem, in general, is so full and inclusive that it would be a wonder why you’re not all in.

    Even though it is a meme coin, it is one with tons of ammunition at its disposal. It is not merely a meme coin. It is much more, and this is its biggest strength.

    It aims to create a strong ecosystem that provides a wide range of other services in addition to a crypto meme coin featuring adorable Toonie characters. When cryptocurrency develops an environment similar to the one Toon Finance is developing, a lot of value can be unleashed and you gain the upper hand if you know how to milk it.

    Apart from the token, here are the strengths of this particular meme coin:

    1. Toon Finance DEX

    One of the major perks of cryptocurrency is the decentralized exchange system and this meme coin wears it like a skin. With the decentralized exchange being built by the Toon Finance Coin it will be easier for you to buy, sell, and trade the coin in a decentralized setting. You will also have the assurance of quicker and smoother deals, thus yielding you easy results.

    Since you do not need to set up an account or go through a cumbersome, and unnecessary validation process, you will have access to a secure atmosphere where you can trade as you own it. All you have to do is head to the DEX platform and start trading.

    2. Metaverse

    Are you a gamer obsessed with the Metaverse? Well, Toon Finance has got it all. This meme coin has an exciting feature for gamers. Soon, their metaverse will be a fascinating development for you. In addition to various games and activities that can be done in the metaverse, you can start several player vs. player battles. This feature has plenty of potential for gamers and fans of the metaverse.

    3. Space Bridge (cross-chain bridge)

    Blockchain, just like crypto has its challenges and one of them is sometimes the restriction on a cross-chain bridge. However, with Space Bridge, you wouldn;t have to worry about this Anymore.

    Typically, cross-chain bridge function by helping different blockchain networks to communicate and cooperate because data communication between two blockchains is valuable

    This is why Toon Finance is working on its own cross-chain bridge, dubbed the Space Bridge. It will make it simple for its users to link various apps, protocols, and assets. Therefore, by joining two tokens together over the Toon Finance Space Bridge, you can conduct a seamless Transaction.

    4. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by Toon Finance

    NFT is the new buzzword of 2022 and while some have been a huge success, some investors are pretty upset about some NFT fails.

    Now to the good stuff, Toon Finance is also introducing several NFT series that can be used in their metaverse. You can collect these tokens for keepsakes or an investment strategy.

    For gamers taking part in the Space Grounds game, which is being created by Toon Finance, These NFTs will be key gameplay items.

    A lot of gamers are eagerly preparing to obtain a slice of the soft Toonie NFT as soon as conceivable because of the adorable Toonie characters on the coin. Even the ones that are emoji- inspired have a certain charm. If you have a coin or an NFT with one of these characters printed directly on it, it is aesthetically appealing and has its own flavor.

    In recent months, these Toonie figures have also developed a sizable fan base of their own. Not only are many Toonie fans supporting these characters, but also the Toon Finance Coin and their future NFT collection. 

    They have also shown significant interest in the ICO, which launched on October 10, 2022, and as the debut of the NFTs draws closer, interest in those tokens is also growing.

    The Toonie community is also quite active on social media and other forums for the cryptocurrency industry, where they eagerly promote not just the TFT Coin but also the many other components of its ecosystem. The gaming community is also anticipating the launch of the metaverse and player vs. player battles.

    In other words, the demand for the Toon Finance Coin and other related items is being driven by all of these considerations combined with the fact that the coin really has some value.

    Ready to jump on it? The presale is still on.

    Do not miss Toon Finance Stage 2

    With over 3 million dollars worth of Toon Finance coins sold, the coin is going harder with the second presale in less than one month, selling Toonie Coins like hotcakes. Even though it was only just launched on the 10th of October, the rapid sales have led to speculation that the presale may soon end.

    Want to share the presale benefits before the official launch? Then jump on this and follow the steps below to have your cute TFTs sitting pretty in your wallet, and if you’re a metaverse fellow, well, you know how it goes because the fun is just about to begin.

    Here are some ABC steps to follow to be a proud— and wise— owner of your own TFTs.

    ● Multi-chain Crypto Wallet

    To begin, you will require a multi-chain crypto wallet that will serve as your cryptocurrency bank account. You must first download this wallet, usually an application, to your device before adding Ethereum to it. Some of the renowned multi-chain crypto wallets available today are

    MetaMask and TrustWallet. You can download either of those or your preferred wallet.

    ● Load some Ethereum

    Done that? Then you’re ready to load your wallet with Ethereum. So load it with as much Ethereum can be used to purchase the amount you have in mind.

    ● Connect

    Now go over to the Toon Finance Buy page and simply connect your wallet to the website. Once the connection is secured, get ready to own some power coins of your own.

    ● Buy your Toon Finance

    Finally, on the Toon Finance Buy Page, enter an amount in ETH that you would be willing to exchange for Toon coins and complete the transaction. Viola! You’re the proud owner of the new fast-tracked meme coin in the world. Don’t sleep on it, it may sell out soon, so hurry up and claim yours.

    Final Thoughts

    The trooping crowd rushing towards Toon Finance is not a mere frenzy. It is the identification of a promising crypto outlet with a lot of possibilities that can be mined.

    Just like DogeCoin was completely taken advantage of, Toon Finance is pulling in the right audience with even more promises than Dogecoin can offer. With this coin, which features the

    DEX platform, metaverse, NFTs, and Space Bridge, a lot of wealth can be mined while enjoying the wealth of possibilities this coin holds.

    The second presale is ongoing, and coin sales are rapid. You can join this bandwagon by visiting the Toon Finance platform and purchasing your own Toonie Coin today.

    Toon Finance Protocol / ToonFi Telegram / Toon Finance Presale

    Disclaimer: This is a press release post. Coinpedia does not endorse or is responsible for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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