What is Farad cryptocurrency


Farad Cryptourrency is introduced in early August 2017 backed by real economic activity. Though, this ecosystem is the production of Ultra capacitors under the actual factory settings.


What is Farad cryptocurrency?

According to website – The Farad cryptocurrency is built with two latest technological innovations – Blockchain and Ultra capacitors which eventually combines significant industries including Internet energy storage and telecommunications.

The valuation of Farad cryptoken is derived by cash flow driven economic model. Furthermore, the cryptoken signifies a right to the advancing the production of ultra-capacitor cells. Nevertheless, the mining model is based on Ethereum smart contract and known as assured model. It processed with mining on actual Farad produced.

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The mining contains public blockchain – the ultra-capacitor by the factory will be documented to blockchain which is fully accountable and transparent. Since it is publicly viewable, this can further be auditable by anyone at any time.

ICO and Sales

FRD pre-sale ICO will run from 25th august to 14th September 2017 at GMT 23:59, Though, the actual ICO will processed from 15th September GMT 00:00 to 30th September 2017 at GMT 23:59. Furthermore, 1.28billion FRD will be offered for Sale

How do you own Farad Cryptocurrency?

FRD can be owned using cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH via FRD swap program from local exchangers like Bitfinex, Poloniex, Luno etc). During ICO, contributors will be given additional privilege to own 10% more FRD as compare to the ICO.

However, Mention below are the Advisory Board of Farad Cryptourrency!

Chairman: Muhamed Catic

Vice Chairman: Dr. Abdulla Mangoosh

Board Member: Tony Morris

Board Member: Dr. Yao Peizhi

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