Top 10 Most Popular Websites on the Runet Dedicated to the Cryptocurrency Industry

Terms such as cryptocurrency, mining, and blockchain are becoming more common in our life. People are starting to show an increasing interest in terms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other types of cryptocurrencies. In this case, there is an urgent need for a resource where you can find out all the useful and interesting information.

Experts of the PRNEWS platform, which promotes PR materials on world news sites, presented their own rating of the ten most visited sites, which describe crypto technologies, and everything related to them. The materials for the rating were taken from the analytical online service SimilarWeb. The information is dated from January to May of the current year.

Consider the List of Resources That Are Included in This Rating:

1.1st place – An extremely popular cryptocurrency magazine. It is produced by various specialists who strive to contribute to the spread of cryptocurrency around the world. For 3 months of 2021, 6.5 million people visited the service.

2. 2nd place – Cryptocurrency information portal, which is one of the most popular among Russian readers. Number of visits in 3 months – 2.126 million

3.3rd place – The resource is the site of a rating agency that evaluates the risks of investing in the blockchain economy. From January to March this year, the site was visited by 1.176 million people.

4. 4th place – One of the leaders in the field of digital economy and blockchain technology news, offering analysis of profitable mining algorithms, new platforms, interviews with developers and programmers, as well as a blacklist of projects. For beginners, there are various useful tips, instructions, training information. The resource for the first quarter of 2021 was visited 1.123 million times.

5. 5th place – A technological resource that tells about cryptocurrencies, financial innovations, entrepreneurs, various startups. The number of visits – 796324 times.

The Remaining 5 Places in the Rating Were Taken Respectively:

• 6th place –, 775239 visits in 3 months;

• 7th place –, 711652 visits;

• 8th place –, from January to March the resource was visited 592691 times;

• 9th place –, the number of visits for the I quarter of 2021 – 383213;

• 10th place –, 343727 visits.

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