WazirX Has Listed TKO in the INR & USDT Market With Grand TKO Giveaway

On Thursday, June 3rd, Toko Token (TKO) will be listed on WazirX, and you will be able to buy, sell, and trade TKO in our INR and USDT markets. We’re also holding a giveaway for you that involves a variety of activities.

What’s the Deal With TKO Deposits and Withdrawals?

Our Rapid Listing Initiative includes TKO. As a result, we will begin TKO trading by allowing deposits and withdrawals through the WazirX> Binance inter-wallet transfer method.

What does that imply for you?

  • Deposits – You can send TKO to WazirX from your Binance wallet.
  • Trading – In our INR and USDT markets, you will be able to buy, sell, and trade TKO. TKO will appear in your “Funds” after you purchase it.
  • Withdrawals – You can send TKO to your Binance wallet through WazirX.

Do not even worry, you’ll eventually be able to deposit and withdraw TKO from other wallets. More information about the Rapid Listing Initiative may be found here.

Tokocrypto is Indonesia’s fastest-growing digital asset exchange in terms of trading volumes and user registrations, having launched in 2018.

Users can utilize the Tokocrypto platform to:

  • Gain access to a rapidly growing crypto exchange.
  • Gain access to the Indonesian market as an investor.
  • Take advantage of Indonesia’s large crypto user base.
  • Participate in decentralized auctions.
  • For a wide range of assets, you can access cross-chain yield generating.

Join the TKO NFT Arcade, Indonesia’s first-of-its-kind digital collectibles and creative assets marketplace, powered by TKO.

Tokocrypto, which was founded in 2018, is Indonesia’s fastest-growing digital asset exchange in terms of trading volumes and user registrations. TKO is the native utility coin of Tokocrypto and serves the following purposes: 

Tokocrypto Platform Advantages, CeFi Program Participation, Cross-Platform DeFi Use Cases, and NFT Marketplace

  1. USD 1.73 (last 24 hours) trading price
  2. Global Market Capitalization (in the last 24 hours): $258,842,890 USD
  3. $122,596,111 USD in global trading volume in the last 24 hours
  4. 108,500,000 TKO
  5. 500,000,000 TKO

A piece of great news for crypto influencers and investors! WazirX has listed TKO in the INR & USDT market and is organizing a Grand TKO Giveaway. There are several prizes to win in the giveaway and get richer. The giveaway schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday, 3rd June: AMA with Nicole Nguyen from Tokocrypto. Learn everything about TKO and win total prizes of $150.
  • Friday, 4th June: Trivia contest on WazirX Instagram page with prizes of $50. Learn interesting trivia about TKO and win.
  • Friday, 4th June: Live with Nicole Nguyen from Tokocrypto on WazirX YouTube, hosted by Pareen Lathia. Prizes of $100 for top questions.
  • Monday, 7th June — Wednesday, 9th June: 48-hour long Highest Trader Kaun Marathon with prizes of ₹7,66,000 ($10,000) worth TKO for top 180 traders.

Cryptocurrency trading has a significant level of market risk. Please make sure you do a thorough risk assessment before trading newly listed tokens since they are prone to high price fluctuation. WazirX will make every attempt to select high-quality currencies, but it will not be liable for any trading losses you may incur.

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