Vibin’ Ape Society: The First NFT Collection That Pays Crypto Dividends

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    Jul 19, 2022


    The growth of the crypto space has seen the rise of niches such as the NFT space. Although these non-fungible tokens (NFTs) had been around for a while, they only found popularity during the crypto bull run of 2021 and have seen consistent growth since then. With this growth have emerged a lot of new projects that have competed to leave their mark on the industry. However, most of these have failed due to having little to no real-world use cases.

    The need for real-world utility has pushed others to build better projects, and from this has emerged the Vibin’ Ape Society (VAS). At first glance, VAS may look like any other NFT collection, but this unique project offers something that has never been seen in the crypto space.

    Holding a Vibin’ Ape Society NFT is the equivalent of holding stocks in a real-world company. It confers a shareholder position in the Vibed streaming app, an audio streaming platform that rewards users in crypto for streaming their favorite songs and podcasts.

    What Is Vibed Streaming App?

    To put it simply, Vibed streaming app is Spotify, only better. Instead of paying a subscription fee to stream songs on the platform, Vibed pays you for streaming. It does this by awarding points for every audio you stream, which can then be converted to $VBD crypto tokens.

    The $VBD tokens are the native utility token of the Vibed ecosystem. It offers a way to reward users and NFT holders for their continued support of the platform. Those who link their wallets holding their Vibin’ Ape Society NFTs to the Vibed streaming platform are awarded more tokens per stream, and even larger rewards await holders of the rare Alphas.

    How Do The NFTs Fit In?

    In addition to getting more tokens per stream, VAS holders will receive dividends paid out quarterly to the crypto wallets holding their NFTs. These dividends are culled from the profits from Vibed streaming app and shared according to the rank of the NFT held by a wallet. Snapshots of the wallets holding the NFTs will be taken two weeks before the dividends are shared. 

    The dividends are paid out in the form of $VBD tokens, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on all major exchanges or sold for fiat. The dividends will be sent to the wallet addresses holding NFTs when the snapshot was taken.

    Earn Crypto With Vibin’ Ape Society

    $VBD crypto tokens will be initially airdropped to holders of Vibin’ Ape Society NFTs. This puts them at the frontline of a limited supply of tokens that will be available on small and large centralized and decentralized exchanges. Following this, streaming songs and podcasts on the Vibed streaming platform will be the only way to earn $VBD.

    50% of the royalties realized from VAS NFT trading will go towards a quarterly buyback and burn to reduce the number of $VBD tokens in the market. This ensures a deflationary model that helps the $VBD tokens retain a very high value.

    Last but not least, the launch of the Ticket To Anywhere feature will ensure that Vibin’ Ape Society NFT holders never run short of events to attend. Both big and small music festivals, concerts, and music/art shows worldwide will be open to holders. All they have to do is hold an NFT.

    Vibin’ Ape Society is truly a one-of-a-kind NFT project. Its real-world applications make it easy to be a stakeholder in Vibed without all of the red tapes that usually come with owning stocks. The project is set to take the crypto industry by storm and rival the largest NFT collections in the space.

    Connect with Vibin’ Ape Society;


    Discord: VibinApeSociety


    Medium: @vibinapesociety

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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