PRESS RELEASE Ultra Burn Will Moon The Price And Put It Alongside Other Top DeFi Such As Curve And Maket

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    news-image’s announcement of an ultra burn has led many senior crypto analysts to forecast a parabolic rally confidently. Even Business2Community has listed the project as one of 2022’s most explosive projects.

    Uniglo’s upwards trajectory looks likely to place it alongside other DeFi giants like Curve and Maker. This article examines this up-and-coming DeFi star.
    Uniglo provides a haven for investor capital. A genuine store of value remains incredibly difficult to achieve, and fiat’s recent abysmal failure has renewed interest in alternative stores of value. Uniglo’s developers observed history and noticed that the wealthy had stored their wealth in assets. Uniglo introduces the digital asset standard, each GLO token backed by the protocol vault’s contents. 

    Buy and sell taxes fund asset acquisition, and the protocol purchases large caps, small caps, stablecoins, and NFTs representing high-end physical goods such as fine art. This unique collection exposes investors to diverse markets and allows a continuous appreciation of GLO. If this was not enough, developers implemented a hyper-deflationary token model that drives value through scarcity. The recent burn announcement adds jet fuel to a token already primed to rally.


    Curve finance provides extremely efficient stablecoin swaps. Impermanent loss disappears by creating liquidity pools with similar assets, and traders can move in and out of different stablecoin positions on the platform.

    CRV, the governance token, employs a vote escrow meaning the longer the lockup period, the greater the voting power. With voters able to decide on reward distribution, CRV has remained in high demand and offers a great lesson in value accrual tokenomics. Curve has become a liquidity giant in DeFi and the go-to location for stablecoin farming. 


    Maker protocol governed by Maker DAO mints the decentralized stablecoin DAI. The protocol solved volatility issues in crypto by giving investors access to a stable asset. The protocol requires over-collateralization and gives market participants access to digitized dollars worldwide.

    MKR employs a deflationary token model. Whenever an investor closes a collateralized debt position (CDP), Maker charges a small interest fee and burns a portion of this. But Maker can learn something from Uniglo’s far more aggressive burning strategy. 

    Closing Thoughts 
    The hierarchy of DeFi will change in the coming months and even more in the next bull run. These new DeFi protocols, like Uniglo, will become the established names, and investors will have a chance to join early in the journey.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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