Press Release, Monero And Ethereum Classic Are Bound To Explode In 2023

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    The bear market fills new investors with fear as they watch the value of their portfolios nosedive. Investors who have witnessed multiple market cycles are doing everything possible to acquire assets at their current valuations. The prevailing market conditions offer ridiculous financial opportunities for investors who understand market cycles. 

    Digital assets will rally again, and those who have accumulated during this phase will, without a doubt, walk away wealthy. Three essential picks ready to explode in 2023 are, Monero, and Ethereum Classic. (GLO)

    Uniglo is an easy choice to start the list. One of the very few genuinely bear-proof protocols and one that stands to gain tremendous value when the market reversal arrives. Uniglo leverages asset ownership and deflationary tokenomics to provide a long-term store of value. Hence, the bear market enhances its value proposition as investors look for a secure place to lock their funds. 

    Uniglo purchases and stores a unique mixture of assets in its protocol vault. These assets make GLO value-backed and lay the foundation for its price explosion. The developers behind the project understand market cycles; they are purchasing assets at depressed valuations. And when their value rallies in the bull market, the floor price of GLO will move violently to the upside. An excellent bear market choice and a protocol laden with potential.

    Monero (XMR)

    Monero was launched in 2014 and allowed participants to make anonymous transactions. Demand for XMR continues to swell as governments globally ramp up regulation and more centralized exchanges mandate KYC (Know Your Customer). Monero obscures its transactions through advanced cryptography and remains one of the few projects enabling anonymous market interactions. 

    As privacy concerns sharpen, Monero’s value proposition grows. Making it another excellent bear market pick and a token set to explode as regulations become increasingly stringent. 

    Ethereum Classic (ETC)

    Ethereum Classic retains the original Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism and the original Ethereum record before the blockchain was rolled back due to The DAO exploit. The demand for this hard fork of Ethereum quietly builds as Ethereum becomes increasingly centralized and regulated by government authorities. As Ethereum’s centralization advances, expect an increase in ETC demand and an explosion in price coming in 2023. 

    Closing Thoughts 

    The crypto space constantly changes, and more institutional money flows in than ever before. The coming bull run will be unlike any that has come before it, and the current prices may well represent investors’ last chance to accumulate a decent stack of crypto before smart money drives the prices out of reach.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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