NFT Social Platform DeFine Integrates with TRON Ecosystem


On August 24, TRON announced on Twitter that the NFTsocial platform DeFine will support to TRC721, for NFT Integration.


In the meantime, the BTFS storage system under TRON will officially integrate with DeFine in September. 

TRON will also contribute to the growth of the NFT ecosystem together with DeFine and APENFT. DeFine also secured a strategic investment from TRON on August 23. 

Tron NFT tweet

The Wait to see Tron for NFT is over

With the support of TRON, APENFT, and BTFS, DeFine will create new means of interaction between content creators.

Calling users from the art field and their followers, boost the circulation of NFT Artworks and figure new use-cases

In addition, BTFS, a tron’s storage system will also be Integrated wth DeFine for Storage purposes. This will allow storage for user information archives as well as the NFT works created.

BTFS boasts more than 100 million community users and over 60 trading platforms.

Its huge user base and strong circulation capacity will also give a strong impetus to this strategic cooperation. 

By forming an alliance in the NFT world, TRON, DeFine, and APENFT will allow all creatorsto engage and interact with their followers through NFT.

Creators like artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes.

DeFine can also leverage the APENFT ‘s influence in NFT art, and TRON’s low cost and high performance to significantly boost interactions and lower the cost of NFT transactions.

In return, DeFine will bring its unique social profile system to TRON’s ecosystem by creating exclusive identity badges for users.

Moving forward, TRON, APENFT, and Define will also achieve shared prosperity of all the three communities by expanding collaboration in art.

Users will receive medals representing their various activities in the TRON ecosystem such as providing liquidity, participating in governance, and purchasing artworks.

Medal-holders are entitled to extra benefits such as access to exclusive auctions. 

It is reported that DeFine will also seek to introduce DeFine NFT PLUS, another revolutionary product of the platform, to the TRON ecosystem.

NFT PLUS extends the application of NFT beyond the art industry by incorporating assets into the blockchain and metaverse, and by virtue of TRON and APENFT, it further diffuses the subjectivity of the assets behind NFT by tying NFT to measurable real rights and interests.

This collaboration will not only provide a strong impetus for DeFine and APENFT, but will also spur TRON to explore further into social networks, diversifying and enriching its ecosystem. 

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