TradeConnect Launches New Bitcoin and Ethereum-Based Margin Trading Platform!

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May 18, 2020


The all-new TradeConnect multi-asset trading network for bitcoin and ethereum-based margin trading has now launched in over 100 countries worldwide and it is shaking up the crypto derivatives industry.

With the recent volatility of global traditional markets, crypto traders have shown a renewed interest in trading more markets such as Oil and Gold. However, moving funds between different platforms, or even in and out of crypto from fiat has proven to be a time consuming and expensive endeavour for crypto traders who also need to learn how to navigate these new financial markets which come with their own challenges, such as hidden fees and manipulated spreads. 

TradeConnect has stepped in to remove these barriers to entry by launching a new type of crypto margin trading platform focused on aggregating the largest number of high liquidity financial markets into a single, easy-to-use digital trading pit and giving back to their crypto traders through generous fee rebates. 

Over 50 Global Financial Assets to Trade With Crypto

In addition to being able to trade well known commodity markets such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil and Natural Gas, you can also trade 36 different major and minor FX pairs on TradeConnect such as the EUR/USD, USD/JPY and EUR/CAD as well as the BTC/USD and ETH/USD Crypto CFDs. There’s also a range of popular global stock indices such as the Dow, NASDAQ, and even the S&P500, to name a few. Futures, Stocks and various other new Cryptocurrency CFDs and Swaps are also expected to be rolled out over the coming weeks. 


$100 Million Insurance to Secure Trader Assets

The TradeConnect Network also boasts a $100 Million Insurance deal with BitGo, the leader in institutional-grade liquidity, as well as a plethora of custody features designed for security and to prevent any nefarious activity in or around the network.

A unique ‘Connect Fee’ Ensures Low Transparent Fees

Another of its more interesting features is in its unique ‘Connect Fee’ model which ensures that traders are paying the lowest and most transparent fees in the industry. Unlike other platforms, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees, traders simply pay a low ‘Connect Fee’ to open and close a position within the trading network. This ‘Connect Fee’ is then given back to active traders on a daily basis in the form of fee rebates. Over 50% of daily Connect Fees’ go to Makers and 25% to Takers. 


Get $50 in BTC or ETH FREE when you complete 10 trades!

As a bonus to new users, TradeConnect is also giving new crypto traders a welcome bonus of $50 USD in BTC or ETH FREE when they complete 10 trades on the platform. There’s also a lucrative Affiliate program scheduled for release within the next few weeks so stay tuned for lots of trader promotions ahead.

TradeConnect is available to download on the App store and you can start trading global financial markets with crypto instantly!

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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