TOWB Music & Davinci Foundation Sign MoU For Blockchain Integration Services

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In order to boost Davinci Foundation’s ecosystem and presence in the Global market, the two companies partner to share resources. With Davinci’s AI-based POS blockchain infrastructure and TOWB Music’s Global services and Marketing capabilities, they plan on creating a new model for the copyright payment system. This system applies to musicians in order to succeed in TOWB Music’s ICO.

CEO Eric Sim of TOWB Music, Inc. and CEO Seungjae Han of Davinci Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on January 4. This is to develop an innovative global trade system for the music streaming platform and grow Davinci’s blockchain ecosystem. Both companies agree to exchange and share their expertise in development of the financial technology, blockchain, their analytics and research.

Davinci Foundation is a Korean-Chinese joint company, found in Singapore in 2017. The creators of  cryptocurrency Davinci coin (DAC) on HADAX. DAC is useful as blockchain in several different fields including culture, credit investigation, insurance, finance, internet, etc.

Davinci Foundation expanded their ecosystem by working with various companies located in both China and Korea. With this MoU, Davinci Foundation expects TOWB Music to become their key to entry. These entries are in the American, European and other global markets.

TOWB Music, Inc. is in Orlando, FL and is the World’s first “Blind Music Competition”, music streaming platform. TOWB Music is working to expand their service into South America, Europe, and Asia. The music streaming company is encouraging musicians worldwide to a new copyright payment system using the blockchain technology. Also it is planning a successful ICO by working with Davinci Foundation. He has a strong advisory board of blockchain experts and industry leaders.

CEO Han of Davinci said that

Davinci Foundation will seek different ways to mutually benefit with TOWB Music, who has a very interesting and fair business model about music. I hope to see many different companies in a variety of fields to join Davinci’s platform.

CEO Sim of TOWB Music said that

I believe that when the Global Digital Music market meets Blockchain technology, we can present a new payment system for copyright to musicians worldwide. Also, I feel confident that both companies can establish a new system of copyright payment to succeed in our ICO launch.

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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