The Rise Of The Utility-Based NFT- Ekoalaty Project™

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  • Within the current NFT markert, great art and a hyped-up community aren’t cutting it; investors want to see more. 
  • Utility-based NFTs are becoming the new kid-on-the-block, providing true value to holders other than that derived from the art itself. 

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are non-interchangeable digital assets that serve as valid proof of ownership of the said image or video, on the blockchain.

They are indivisible and non-replicable, thus creating exclusivity and subsequently derived value. 

Rise of the Utility NFT

The NFT market is still at its infancy and hence, its full integration into society has yet to be fully actualized. Nonetheless, NFTs are shifting towards providing more real-world value rather than just the provision of solely digital art.

NFTs are becoming the new way to gain access to truly profitable opportunities that are largely not available to the general public. 

More specifically, NFT utilities provide buyers with an additional value other than the value obtained from the art itself.

Such value is often produced via access to perks and opportunities that are exclusive to the holders. 

For example Holders of an NFT may attain access to products at a discounted rate, may gain exclusive access to a community of entrepreneurs, may attain a steady stream of passive income, etc.

The options are endless and are bound only by the limitations of creativity. As such, NFT utilities are becoming increasingly more elaborate and diversified; extending into a multitude of aspects of both the digital and real world. NFTs are soon to become a part of everyday life. 

Current classifications of NFT utilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Community-based utilities 
  • Fantasy sports based utilities
  • Gambling-based utilities 
  • Play-to-earn (P2E) gaming utilities
  • Socialization-based utilities  
  • Event access utilities
  • Passive income-based utilities

The Future is Bright 

The more elaborate NFT utilities become, the further the NFT market seems to grow in size; as people are understanding these digital assets’ real life value and are therefore becoming increasingly involved.

Over time, it can be theorized that the greater the value of these NFTs becomes and congruent, the investment in their relevant tokens (Ethereum, Solana, etc.); the further the value of all web 3 based assets will be. If there was a time to get involved, now would be such a time. 

The “Ekoalaty Project”: Pioneering live-dating in web 3 while simultaneously providing a multitude of value-based utilities to their holders.

The “Ekoalaty Project” is a promising utility-based NFT project that meets all the criteria necessary to truly provide consistent value to their holders.

The Ekoalaty Project is a collection of 7,777 uniquely designed NFTs (koala based art), built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Their mission is to pursue equality in web 3 and IRL. As well, they are collaborating with an established dating app to integrate live dating into the metaverse.

Further, their NFTs have diverse value-based utilities such as the provision of a steady stream of passive income and the ability to use their NFTs to receive access to a multitude of events.

To deduce further, holders of Ekoalaty Project NFT(s) will obtain the following benefits:

1. Access to Ekoalaty Project hosted metaverse and in real life events (IRL) such as dating events, concerts, and many more.

2. Access to an exclusive Ekoalaty Project Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming platform that will allow holders to compete against each other to earn cryptocurrency.

3. Passive income via consistent token disbursements derived from:

  •     Hosted dating and non-dating related event
  •     Staking of NFT(s) to earn cryptocurrency
  •     Crypto mining

Bottom line: The “Ekoalaty Project” is providing a truly utility-rich asset (their NFT) that will provide tangible real-life value to those that hold it. 

Concluding Thoughts

Utility-based NFTs are the new way to truly ensure that your NFT purchase maintains value; irrespective to that of the art.

The Ekoalaty Project is the first NFT collection integrating live-dating into web 3 via blockchain technology.

As utilities become more numerous and diversified, the valuation of NFTs will likely increase over time. Getting involved with an NFT project such as the Ekoalaty Project is a great way to obtain an NFT with a multitude of utilities based on actual value. 

Ekoalaty Project Links: 


Twitter: EkoalatyProject

Instagram: ekoalatyproject

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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