The New Wave Of NFTs: Meta Skellies

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If you have been around for a while in the crypto space, you probably heard about Non-Fungible Tokens, more commonly known as NFTs. They are blockchain-based 

digital assets, with non-fungible meaning they are non-interchangeable by the other. Therefore, all of them are unique.

For most cases, each NFT’s value lies in its ownership and the complimentary artwork is usually just the visual representation of the token. 

As of now, most NFTs haven’t differed much from each other, at least not yet. Currently, the world is stepping into a new era of NFTs where these second-generation tokens (NFT 2.0) offer much more than the ownership itself.

This new wave of tokens is essentially the same concept but with added utility. These NFTs can provide benefits that come in many forms; granting access to private events, in-game useability, owning digital real estate, or even dividend income.

One of these new wave projects that have mastered this utility is Meta Skellies. The Ethereum based project has only been announced a few weeks ago but the people are already looking to get a whitelist spot for obvious reasons.

The project aims to give real-world utility to their holders.

Skellies Utility:

Dividend income

Owning a Meta Skellies NFT grants  holders passive income in the form of holding rewards. The amount of the dividends received for each holder will be determined by the rarity of the token owned. The rarest Skellies could earn up to 0,3 ETH per month.

Skellies Club

The project aims to create a holder-only platform where Skelly owners can come together and connect with other holders. The holder club also allows its members to participate in private real-life events.


Those lucky enough to get a hold of a Skelly are in for good. Following the initial mint, the Skellies Festival will commence. This festival is an online celebratory week, the founders’ way of saying thank you. During this week, members will have the opportunity to participate in airdrops and giveaways each day.

Upcoming Projects

The team behind Meta Skellies has let us some insight into their upcoming developments and future. For now, all we can say is that their upcoming projects are something never seen before, a completely new way to display artwork and also a way to give non-utility NFTs utility.


The potential for utility tokens is endless with the right mind, creativity, and team behind it. Skellies is an excellent project, worth looking into, bringing real-life utility onto the blockchain, a true revolutionary in the NFT space.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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