Telebets: What You Should Know About The Best Upcoming Play2EarnGaming Token?

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Sara K

Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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Mar 25, 2022


No more Slow gaming expereince! Play Roulette and Jackpot on Telegram! a unique Play2Earn Game Powered by BSC. 

The amazing Blockchain technology has intrigued everyone today, and that has inspired a group of people linked to the gaming and entertainment industry to create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience for the gaming entertainment business.

Powered by Blockchain Technology & Telegram, Telebets Protocol is going to be the most successful and anticipated project.

“We aim to create an infrastructure to fulfil Telegram channel owners’ revenue interest — offering them an opportunity to monetize their channels with our Play2Earn Telegram Bot.” 

You can join the most unique& trusted Telegram community in the world. With their innovative Telegram Gaming bot, you can make a quick game of Play2earn and earn TLB Tokens directly on Telegram soon as they will release the first community Beta version.

It can be difficult to find fastPlay2Earn Web 2.0 gaming sites. As legalised entertainmentgames who involves national becomes more common, dedicated Players and casual fans both are looking for the fastestPlay2Earn Web 3.0 applications like Telebets so You can Play and earn TLB Tokens at the speed of a Telegram conversation! 

You have seen a decade of restrictions, privacy difficulties, and slow loading speeds for most entertainment platforms which is based on the old Web 2.0 model, while using Telebets to play; Players should not be concerned about Privacy because oftheir Web 3.0 Technology. 

Your experience with Telebetscan be a game changer. especially if you want to Earn Crypto tokens and stay at your favourite chatting Platform Telegram. 

What is Telebets Protocol, and what are its goals?

The makers of Telebets protocol discovered that clients have difficulty playing and earning due to centralised companies controlling their accounts and other global restrictions. 

So, they created their own token as a decentralised exchange. TLB is a crypto coin and has already been deployed on Binance Smart and currently has a circulating supply of 50,000,000,000 TLB coins. It is anticipated to be the most popular altcoin in the future

based on its special decentralised payment network that uses blockchain to reconstruct the traditional payment stack.

Integrating Telegram and the BSC Blockchain together has provided people with an amazing gaming experience. BSC infrastructure along with Telegram allows for Fastest speed, lower fees, in-game cash, and zero delays. 

The goal of Telebets Protocol (TLB) is to foster a shared interest among gamers, partners, and community members, resulting in a stable base of active users and a high-value initiative. 

Channel owners (Partners) can encourage subscribers to play Telebets games in exchange for a fee as a partner. And the subscribers can also earn a commission. 

TLB aims to unite channel owners, players, and investors around one common goal. An excellent formula for anyone working in the Telebets project to gain momentum with every win over time. 

What Telebets has to offer besides the great Web 3.0 Tech? 

The clients or small-scale businesses are currently seeking for new businesses to adapt to new and growing industry who involved with Web 3.0 Technology to have more potential for success. Similarly, many gaming entertainment platforms are looking for alternatives such as Telebets because of Web 3.0 InfrastructureTelebets Protocol hasunlimited possibilities. 

Every year, the costs, regulations, and limits get more stringent. It is reported that a number of clients in the entertainment business have had their Gaming accounts locked in no apparent reason on most of the Centralized gaming platforms. However, with Telebets; you are safe because Telebets is a revolutionary platform that has its priorities set for you. 

Their prime concern is security, privacy, and speed, and they understand how to tailor the project’s development to the needs of their target audience. They are always available on their website to address any questions, and a Telegram community chat will be available this month. 

People will be able to play games on Telegram at the speed of a Telegram conversation chat, with the added benefit of a built-in exchange that allows them to swap TLB for any other token without having to use the Web 2.0 interface.

Telebets has made it easy for you if you want to start a gaming company. Any Telegram channel owner who uses Telebets Bot will be able to deliver thefastest gaming experience to their audience while also earning a commission.

Tokenomics sale distribution of Telebets

  • Seed sale 5.00%
  • Private sale 20.00%
  • Public sale 20.00%
  • Foundation Reserve 25.00%
  • Liquidity 20.00%
  • Team 5.00%
  • Advisors 5.00%

(Credited from the official Telebets site – )

Telebets Protocol Reflections

●     TLB token holders will earn tokens in a passive manner (reflections)

●     Telebets Protocol is offering 5% of the Liquidity pool and 1% is awarded to the holders.

●     The yield function on the TLB coin will be frictionless. This means that all transfers will be subject to a 6% tax (Maximum)

●     All reflections will be distributed as soon as 100,000,000 TLB Tokens will be bought/sold.

In simple words to explain Telebets Reflections, let’s suppose if you transmit TLB tokens to a friend, you will be charged a 6% TAX. A tenth of a percent of a hundred tokens equals 6 tokens. This means that the recipient will only receive 94 tokens.

The remaining 6% of tokens will be allocated in a 50/50 split, with 6% going to Buyback wallet (Liquidity) & marketing expenses. All TLB token holders will receive an additional 1% reflections (passive income).

If you want to invest in crypto currency then TLB is the best altcoin. You have complete control over the gambling system, as well as access to the most advanced tools for tracking and managing bets and winnings, as well as expert technical support, by joining Telebets Protocol.

It is the best trading platform where you can play with your friends or play with your opponents from anywhere- where the game never ends you just have to deposit TLB coins to Play2Earn and you can also convert to any token with TeleSwap.

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Sara K

Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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