Streamlining Crypto Advertising with Stratis, Master Nodes and Smart Contracts


A first-time combination of latest blockchain technologies will power the next-generation crypto-advertising platform created by CryptoAdSolution. The new technology is Stratis, a blockchain as a service platform, combined with smart contracts, master nodes and C#, part of the widely used .Net framework.


CryptoAdSolution – A new advertising with crypto ecosystem

CryptoAdSolution has adopted Stratis to form its backbone and central blockchain on Ethereum, from which customized side chains can be easily created. Developers can make their applications and attach it to the side chain and thus create their own smart contract. While smart contracts are now widely used, they are developed in programming languages with their own decompilers and integrated development frameworks. CryptoAdSolution has done away with these complexities by adopting C#, which uses popular frameworks and ecosystems and can be widely adopted and used for developing smart contracts.

Stability and Security Altogether

Master nodes will add more stability and security to CryptoAdSolution’s marketing ecosystem. They will help stabilize coin supply, process transactions, and secure the network, doing away with the crypto-fragmentation network. Each master node will be unit of CADS coins, and there are 1,500 such nodes. The pre-sale of CADS has sold 200 master nodes, each comprising 20,000 CADS. The platform will offer beginners the necessary guidance to set up a master node.

“We chose smart contracts and the Stratis Blockchain because it provides the optimal conditions for our projects. We are very proud to be the first user of this technology and the application of smart contracts in C#,” says a spokesperson for CryptoAdSolution.

The adoption of Stratis and its combination with C#, smart contracts and masternodes makes the CADS platform a very rich and vibrant place to launch advertising campaigns without the constraints that have recently been created for crypto marketing. Stratis allows creation of private blockchains by third parties, which can be accessed by lite clients and APIs.

CryptoAdSolution is a new venture that is seeking to remove all hurdles in the way of crypto advertising, with a range of ready to use products. The advertising packages, available during pre-sale itself. The platform will let customers connect with their target audience and also consume ads, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem. The advertising platform includes banners, email lists, PPC, SEO and videos, and can be used to generate passive income streams through AdExchange. A special CryptoAPPSolution is also available for mobile advertising.

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