‌Stacker Ventures Launches STACK Liquidity and Participation Mining


Stacker Ventures, March 1, 2021 — Stacker Ventures is excited to announce that its STACK distribution rewards are live, allowing early participants in its venture DAO ecosystem to earn STACK through a variety of activities, including liquidity mining, committing funds to the first Stacker Ventures fund, and participating in the launch of its first portfolio project.

‌Structured as an Aragon DAO, the STACK token carries voting rights over Stacker Ventures. The DAO will engage in initiating and helping manage pooled capital on the Ethereum blockchain, starting with Fund 1, which is now accepting capital commitments.

‌Early participants can start earning STACK tokens through three main initiatives. They can provide liquidity to the STACK/ETH pair on Uniswap, they can commit ETH to Fund 1 through an integration with leading yield-farming protocol Alpha Homora, and they can mine STACK through the launch of the first Stacker Ventures accelerator project.

About Stacker Ventures

‌Stacker Ventures is a decentralized, community-owned venture capital protocol and accelerator. It’s the place where early adopters find and support promising crypto projects before they hit the mainstream.

‌Structured as a DAO, Stacker Ventures initiates decentralized funds, accelerates portfolio investments through an involved community, and provides checks and balances to fund management. The DAO’s first fund is an expedited crypto-native fund that invests in up-and-coming projects.

‌To connect and learn more about Stacker Ventures, visit the website, blog or join the community on Telegram or Discord.

‌Press contact: JB, Media Inquiries

‌Email: [email protected]

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