Snapparazzi – Post-ICO Journey – The Latest Announcements

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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Jan 19, 2019


The Snapparazzi Team recently celebrated the success of exceeding the ICO soft cap. In such a difficult climate with a particularly bearish market it was a real achievement!

We believe the strength of the project is in the appeal of the Application and the demand for the product.

Snapparazzi have also identified the need for a superior media-sharing platform, challenging the existing alternatives.

Decentralised Platform Rewarding Fairly Content Creators and Viewers

The ultimate goal of Snapparazzi is to develop a decentralised platform that pays its Content Creators fairly (Influencers, Vloggers, a true alternative for YouTubers), whilst simultaneously rewarding its Viewers.

Thanks to the blockchain, in particular its transparency, and the removal of intermediaries, this allows for 60% of the advertising revenue to be distributed to Content Creators, and 20% to Viewers.

CoinMarketCap, Exclusive Stack Bonus Incentive, Recruitment and App Development

Team Snapparazzi are hurtling through their roadmap, continuing to smash each goal along the way. Success Signals include:

  • The SNPC token is currently available on 2 exchanges (BitMart and LAToken) and other top exchanges are coming soon.
  • The SNCP token is now live on CoinMarketCap.
  • The introduction to an Exclusive Stack Bonus Incentive (see official article): The longer the holders of SNPC keep their tokens (excluding exchanges), the greater they will benefit from an exclusive monthly bonus. This is a great way to strengthen the Snapparazzi community, reward supporters who have believed in this project. Since the VERY beginning and also enlist new buyers.
  • In the coming months Snapparazzi will announce its new partners. Revealing for the first time, the names of its world-famous Content Creators!
  • In February the Snapparazzi team will launch their recruitment campaign to attract and convert Content Creators and Viewers to the platform.
  • App development production team reports the real progress. In just three weeks, Snapparazzi will be able to showcase their achievements to their community and public by sharing the first Screenshots of the working App.

Note: This press release is for an informational purpose only. Coinpedia is not responsible for the accuracy of the content provided in the article. Thereby, readers are advised to consider the company’s policy & T&C before making any investment.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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